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    Hey everyone, I just stumbled on this community and thought I'd register so that I can take part in the conversation.

    About me: Well... I'm a geek... I'm a greenie... I'm a conservationist...

    Anyway, I'm trying to learn everything I can about both electric and 2-stroke assisted bicycles. It seems that with the price of gasoline and the economy that an inexpensive vehicle that gets >/= 100mpg would be a pretty neat (not to mention FUN!) choice.

    I was originally signing up to reply to a post about emissions with a link to an exhaust I found that had a built-in catalytic converter to stimulate discussion on the effectiveness of such a system and whether or not that could extend the life of the 2-stroke engine in American markets.

    Anyway, great to meet you all and thanks for having me!

    P.S. I just realized that I added ".com" to my username when signing up. While it's true I am creating a website with that domain, I'm about 6 months away from being ready for traffic and I didn't mean to add it as it's incredibly bad form to do so.

    I was also unable to find a way to change the username, so if an Admin would be so kind as to drop the ".com" part from my username I'd be very grateful.
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    Welcome from California!
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    Welcome to Mbc

    hey GG..welcome form Eno (Down Under)..We dont care how you tag yourself cause everyones the same round here..all bike nuts..get some pics up of your plans or ride and youll find the world jumps in to help..Good Luck / saty as you are / enjoy the forum and eventually the ride..See ya... Eno in (Oz)