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    Hola! Finally joined a forum for my Bike!

    I have built two for myself and helped three others with their builds. All beach cruiser frames (as we are in Florida, I wouldn't have it any other way). This last build of mine is truly giving me a hard time. I might have done something terrible to the engine while riding it out to the beach one sunny morning and running it out of fuel on the bridge on the way home. (when I refuled it later, the engine seemed
    frozen :sweatdrop:) The CNS Carb I have on it didn't come with a new throttle cable or throttle handle and the original cable didn't seem to work and I probably have it way out of tune or something because the original bike I built had a whole lot more speed and power than this one with a CNS carb and an Expansion Pipe Exhaust :confused:.

    For this first thread, lets just stick to the clutch issue explained below and then I'll learn to navigate the forum better and hopefully learn how to search for specific threads like I do on the Forum. Any opinions or suggestions would be absolutely awesome.

    It sat in the weather under a poorly hung tarp for too long. The clutch was stuck so I just took off the cover and used a hammer to lightly tap it lose by breaking the rust that was holding it together. I'm not very suave on this forum yet so does anyone know of a thread discussing taking the clutch apart and reassembling it? (I assume there is some more rust between the clutch plates that should be scrubbed off with this wire brush.)

    Thanks for the warm welcomes and I'm very happy to find a group of people who are excited about this motorized Bicycles as I have been for years.

    Here is My Ride. (I like the grease and rust)

    Here is the silly Throttle cable rig I attempted to make work (It doesn't really, basically just not safe):

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    Running the engine out of fuel wouldn't mess it up. Sounds like you did more damage than good with your rigged cable. Ditch that carb and buy a new one and new throttle cable. Better safe then sorry.
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    Really? This thread is from 2014... The guy asked this question and never returned. Good chance he figured it out, gave up, or died, either which way he is unlikely to be needing a thread digged from the grave with your information...

    Running out of fuel will lean the carb out with less fuel and oil. Done enough times it will definitely cause excessive wear to any engine. You're better off using the choke to kill an engine which will deposit more oil on the internal parts before it shuts off, which will help preserve the engine longer, almost like the idea behind marvel mystery oil.

    No reason to ditch that carb it's perfectly fine for a person who can handle 4 points of adjustment on a single carburetor.
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    Holy hell, yeah, that's my bad. Noted to check dates on suggested posts on bottom when I'm half asleep.