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    Hi all,

    Thanks Tom for your welcome to me.

    I started a new yahoo group for both gas and electric bicycles a few days ago (Feb 23, 2009) called (hope that was ok to include) we are at 34 members with 55 messages. Wish I had found this site sooner.

    I have owned two 80cc Chinese gas bicycle engine kits and three different e-bicycles. Currently I have a BMC front hub electric motor at 48volts and an 80 cc gas motor on my bicycle. The reason for two different motors at the same time is range. With just the e-motor on my bike I had to peddle home uphill too many times, I installed the gas motor at the end of last summer and have only gone about 50 or 60 miles as the tank is a little over half full. I love the freedom of unlimited range.

    I found this site because I was asked on my group about diesel motors for bicycles and stumbled onto your site through a google search and a link to here. Read a few posts stayed and joined.

    I was looking at some 4 stroke gas engines a while back when I found the current 2 stroke motor on a bicycle for under $200.00 with some missing pieces (chain link and tension roller) I removed the motor from the bicycle an unused Fuji Cruser which I sold after swapping the tires and removing the fenders for $150.00. I sourced the parts I required and so the gas motor cost me only $50.00.

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    That is basically how this forum grew so fast, back in 2006 there were a lot of small Yahoo groups, getting overly spammed. Spam robots were the focus of everybody's concern.

    Tom built this to get a better community together, and one by one folks stumbled upon it.

    I remember it was nogoodnic who found it for one of the yahoo.groups first, once he posted the link, the faded quick.

    With the newest "group" sections, where folks are starting to organize locally and regionally, I could even see how an entire could keep itself intact in that social part of the forum, and still get that same spam filtering ability.

    Here is where the group section rests:

    The more the merrier !
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    What about laws governing gas powered bicycles? Here in Ontario a gas powered bicycle requires licensing and insurance. What about your locals?
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    I'm lousy on searching abilities, what works best is if you look in the Legislation/Legal section, see if you can find a Canada and better yet, an Ontario thread, then add on to it.

    Even if you find a post that's a year old, once you reply, it bumps it up to the top of the list in that category.

    Many long time users are basically watching out for the newest posts, which is why somebody digging out an old one that has good info keeps things hopping.

    Posting a question or a new piece of information in an existing thread makes YOUR information stronger and more relevant.
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    welcome toleroy

    welcome toleroy

    those MB laws vary a lot from state to state and country to country
    most places it seems -- riding MBs the legal way is no problem
    just a very few places make it hard to ride within the law -- (((very few)))

    ride the motor bike