New moon dog project with inept builder

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by crabdance, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. crabdance

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    Hi everyone. This is going to be my moon dog build thread. I have already started a little. Thank god my neighbor is going to help. It took me 2 and a half hours to take the bike tire of... now is that inept or what :grin: So I'm going to have help and that's a relief I will keep this short for now 'cause I need to go keep an eye out for him. Don't know how many pictures I will take but I will try to do some along the way. Bear with me everyone, I am DUMB when it comes to this stuff :)... bye for now

  2. crabdance

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    I thought I was replying here but I guess not... so there's going to be a dup around here that can't be helped. We got the build about 95 percent complete. The rest of it was not really our fault. I'm glad that my neighbor was willing to help because he really was a BIG help. We got almost everything going on the bike. Here are the remaining things left to be taken care of.
    1. Need fuel line
    2. need chain tensioner
    3. need to make a muffler

    On the last one we will probably just do some threaded pipes with some 90 degree angles in it and use a lawnmower muffler on the end. Should work I hope without causing me any new problems. Here is some pics I took during the build.

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  3. Marktur

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    Nice, Crab!

    Why do you have to make a muffler? Let me know if I can help out.
    Most important thing - turn the bike upside down. Pull in the clutch and lock it in.
    Spin the rear tire (with the pedals). Look at the sprocket. Is it wobbling? Fix the wobble. 1/8 turns at a time on the bolts. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it shouldn't "click" the chain at any time (from it not aligning well).

    The other thing I did was hit the sprocket teeth with the dremel to round out the sharp edges like they recommend.

    Be careful during the checkout ride and dont fiddle with stuff while you're moving. Pull over each and every time. Trust me on this - I learned the hard way on a moped when I was young and dumb.

    Bike looks cool in orange!
  4. KiDD

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    Orange is my favorite color. I really like the bike. I want to paint my bike orange...
  5. crabdance

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    Hi Mark. The only way you can help out is if you have an old muffler laying around that you're not using hehe. I appreciate you asking though. Thanks for the help about spinning the tire and looking for a wobble. I never thought of that. I will do that today

    This kit is used so I don't think I have to dremel out the sharp edges. It's got about 150 miles on it. Just broke in.

    I will be careful about fiddling with the bike as I ride. I can see where that will take you to places where you don't want to go.

    That's all for now... will talk to you again later...
  6. crabdance

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    Hi KiDD, Thanks for the compliment. I like the orange color too. Goes great with the black gas tank. If you have a few pennies, the bike only cost $99.00 at Walmart. Not a bad deal. If you do that just make sure that you get one where the front wheel does not wobble. I made the let me ride the bikes around out back so I could choose the one I wanted. I think if they know they are going to make a sale they don't mind.

  7. Marktur

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    I rode in the store! :)
    It's Wallyworld, and there was free admission that day!

    No employees to be found whenever they need to take a bike down for you, so I ended up buying one, and leaving 4 others on their kickstands in a row, because I wasnt' about to lift them all back up and kill my back. I told the cashier, and they could care less...gotta love the pride of working at Wallyworld.
  8. crabdance

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    Yea Mark... Sam would be turning over in his grave. I have to tell you a story about Sam and one of his stores in Arkansas. My wife was there to see all this when it happened long ago. Sam pulled up in his old beat up green pickup truck and parked in the Walmart parking lot. Once inside the store he went from department to department asking questions about where to find things and such. After he had learned things he wanted to know. He went back to the managers office and told him to close the store down. The manager said well who are you to tell me that... Sam told him. Once the store was closed, Sam gathered everyone together and said; your fired, your fired, your not, your fired, etc. But he really cleaned house that day. Sam had a way he wanted things to be run and he wanted everyone to be helpful and smiley!

    Just thought you might like that story... wish Sam was here today.
  9. Dockspa1

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    Looks like your on your way CD. I might have a spare exaust pipe. I will search the kitty.
  10. crabdance

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    That would be great Doc. I need a muffler bad. Let me know if you have one! And thanks a bunch,

  11. crabdance

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    Well it looks like things are going good. I was needing three thing and the biggest of these things look like they are being taken care of by the members here. What a great bunch you are. My hat is off to you. Doc is checking on a muffler and Mark is checking on a chain tensioner. That only leaves the fuel line and I think I have enough money that I can do that. I don't think it should cost that much.

    One thing I wanted to say was I have never been treated anything like I have here at this forum. This is a magical place and the people are beautiful. I think almost everyone here knows that I don't have a lot of money and when something came up that I needed. So many people jumped in to help. You are all amazing people. I'm proud to be a member of this board and I will be proud to put my MBC stickers on my bike when I get done with it. It's hard to know what else to say but thank you one and all!

  12. Marktur

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    Happy Times and good people...yes...this is a good place. :)

    It's RAINING man.....I want to ride!
  13. crabdance

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    Great happy Times Mark... Sorr it is raining where you are. It's pretty clear here now but it rained last night. Maybe when it quits you can get some quality time in, <grin>. Your rain should be headed out right about now.. I said a prayer for it. :grin:

    And mark... did you get my addy?
  14. Jim H

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    Sorry about the muffler CD. I got that kit and installed it before I found this forum and I made every mistake in the book before getting straightened out. All those extra parts came from Dax btw. Thanks to the members of this forum for helping a brother out!
  15. crabdance

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    That's ok Jim, And yes, everyone is helping me out a lot. Doc has a muffler (he thinks) Mark has a chain tensioner and I will get some fuel tubing. After that I will be ready to go!!!! Please don't ever think I'm complaining because I'm not. How could anyone complain about a free engine kit anyway. :grin:

    Everyone here has been so nice to me, I can't believe it. I've got a lot of paying back to do, that's for sure. Jim, if you look in the pictures section you can see the bike with the motor on it. YEA! Finally get to put it in pictures.

    Everyone has been so valuable on the project. Mark and Doc... you know who you are. Thank you so much for the help to keep this project going. This place is full of MB angels.
  16. caddymankc

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    Fuel line is kinda hard to get for these engines, when i built my kit i had to use the stock chinese line, i couldnt get my regular tubing to fit because the outside of the line would hit the carb and it wouldn't go on, i ended up using part of the china line up to my inline filter then used the american made line up to the tank.
  17. crabdance

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    Well I thought I would give everyone an update on what's going on with the install. I found out that my neighbor made a mistake about the fuel line and I have plenty of fuel line after all, so I'm good there. The chain tensioner has a bolt on it that I can't budge no matter what I try. I'm going to cut it off with a hack saw and buy a new bolt and nut today so I will be good there. And the last is the muffler. I have someone sending me a muffler and it should be here soon.

    Those are the things that are keeping me from riding at this time. After today the only thing I will need is the muffler. Then I can take it out for a ride, I hope. I will keep everyone posted on what is going on and hopefully soon I can say I'm riding! Thanks for all the help everyone.

  18. Marktur

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    Ahhhh....ride it without the didn't like your neighbors anyway, right??? :)

    Kinda like being a little kid the day before Christmas, eh? :)
  19. crabdance

    crabdance Member

    Yes it is like being a little kid before Christmas... and this kid is getting impatient!!!~~ I WANT TO RIDE! sorry... couldn't control myself. And no... we want to keep the neighbors happy happy... so they don't mind hearing that sound at all hours of the day and night :).
  20. Scottm

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    Hey you finally got your motor. I still have the muffler sitting on my fire place and a chain tensioner out in the garage. I also have a derailure sprocket for the tensioner if you choose that route.

    I love getting the bikes off the racks and not putting them up, they get there revenge by putting the really nice bikes on the top row though.

    This is a great place, The nicest people I've ever met.;)