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    Hey guys,

    I just put a 70cc Howell motor into my Pacific cruiser frame. When made my maiden voyage (about 20 miles) the motor toped out at relative low RPMs (especially for a 2-stroke motor) at a top speed of about 18miles/hr.

    I also had problems to pull my 235lb body up a 20% incline. I was curious if this is due to the motor not being broken in or if there is a restrictor somewhere. It feels that the engine is governed. Please let me know I need more power to move my slender body around. Please help soon since this is my only vehicle.


  2. You might check the clip setting on the carby, but probably due to being new, everything is tight and just needs to be broken in. Take your time and do it right. Plenty of oil, vary the speeds, and enjoy!!!!
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    I have broken the motor in but it does still the same. I get the right fuel mixture. The moment I get a little incline the motor starts struggling. I think there is either some kind of governing device in the carb or exhaust like a too small gasket. Or, the carborator is too small for the 70cc motor. 25 years ago I had a 50cc that used a 14mm to 17mm carb on average. This Howell motor seems to have a12mm diameter carb which would be much too small for the cc's.
    Any Ideas anyone?
  4. Naw there's no governor and the carby on there is simple as carby's get.
    You could be restricting elsewhere. How's your exhaust flow? How's your oil fuel mix?
    You say you broke her in so perhaps if you got a good oil fuel mix that makes your tailpipe drip a little (you want that) then sometimes that same stuff clogs up in your muffler. You can also check your intake. How's that sponge filter?
    Then your fuel flow can do this too. I like to keep my fuel filter with no bubbles that I can see. This is just insures me I have good fuel flow.
    Remember this engine is a complete dinosaur when it comes to technology. Three things to check. Fuel,spark,intake/exhaust flow.
    Check your spark plug gap. Too close or too far apart will do this.
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    do a Plug chop

    do plug chops.. How does the plug look? does your motor Idle? when it is warm and idling, can you kill the motor by choking it? Let us know. thanks..