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  1. HarleyDude406

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    Hi , My name is Ron
    I'm new at motorized bikes.
    I'm 61 years old I live out in the country and I have lots of hills in south central Mo.:cool2:
    I just installed a Golden Eagel belt drive kit on a Cycle Genuis recumbant.
    First Ride Was 6 miles roung trip no problems :grin5:!!

    I just put an 80cc on my wife's bike and it has quite a bit more power I
    had a lot of problems with it but now it runs fine.
    later I'm going riding!!!

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I can't convice my wife to ride a motor bike.
  3. bamabikeguy

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    I bought gas in your town in 2006, I remember keeping up with a train running south of the highway for miles and miles.

    It was a real hillbilly station, think it had a junkyard attached, but sold a good brand of gas ! (Or was that Mountain Grove???) Friendly folk, I remember that....

    Camped out on the road that cuts north-northwest, from Norwood to Marshfield, first time I ever was in Amish country, more milk cows on that road than any place I've ever seen.

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  4. HarleyDude406

    HarleyDude406 New Member

    hi wheelbender 6
    I can't keep my wife off of the one she has problem is I have to keep fixing this China thing.
  5. HarleyDude406

    HarleyDude406 New Member

    hey Bamabikeguy
    I used to live in Mt. Grove
    Its a wonder you didn't get to meet one of our Hi hoppers (Deer)
    We have nice Folks in Mt. View also I live bya large lake about 9 miles west of Mt. View.
  6. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    What engine did you pick for your recumbent? I put the RS 35 cc on mine. What size front tire does yours have?

    I found replacing the skinny front with a 2.0 tire and heavy puncture-proof tube improved front stability by a huge margin.

    As I passed through your area, I saw loads of potential on those secondary back roads around the Mark Twain Forest, I had no idea that it was such a popular canoe-rafting area.

    And that Poplar Bluff to Norwood leg was a pretty nice highway, it had a lot of construction going on that looked like it would be excellent when completed.

    What was good about my route was avoiding the Branson tourists in their oversized RV's, that's why I made that north-northwest loop up to Bolivar/Nevada. I encountered very little Springfield commuter traffic.

    When I was planning the trip, the alternative was via Mountain Home, Arkansas, getting south of the notorious bad drivers in Branson....

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  7. HarleyDude406

    HarleyDude406 New Member

    Engine on Recumbant

    Hi Bama
    The engine is a Robin/Subaru EHO35
    The Front tire is a 20X 1.75
    Hey the canoeing is great on the Currant and Jacksfork Rivers!!!!
    There are many good scenic curvey bike roads around here.
  8. leonstars

    leonstars New Member

    Welcome :grin5:

  9. HarleyDude406

    HarleyDude406 New Member

    Hello and Welcome
    I'm a newbie to