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    new motorised biker has jackshaft idea, need cog sizes

    Hey everyone, have just registered as a member here, and am building a raceline comp mtb with the 66cc china girl..
    It has front and rear disc brakes, alloy frame and 9gear casette for rear cluster.. am designing and fabricating my own jackshaft, as to utilise the 9spd's and to do away with the spoke mount...
    i have ported the head, slightly raising exhaust and inlet ports, and also trimmed the piston skirt where it protrudes over inlet...
    have got a 19mm carby with .65 main jet, that has also been attacked by the dremel, lol..
    also an expansion chambe has been welded and bent to fit..
    have never ridden a motorised bike before, but has been in my mind since i was a little boy, taking dads whipper snipper apart, lol...
    Any ideas and/or pics and info on gearing etc would be greatly appreciated, dont want to use sickbike parts shift kit, as live in australia and dont think there are any suppliers in perth.. the freewheel for cranks is a particular problem for me, if anyone here knows a supplier or a substitute clutch bearing that is readily available, i would love to know... dont get into ordering over the net, so am limited in one regard as to what i can build.. will post pics as i get further into it, but am at the stage of mounting jackshaft, which i have made from an aluminium hub off a racer i had spare...
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    so hows the swan river ?

    brad syd
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    great thanks