new need some help..



hey everyone i need some help. i have no idea where to start with a motored bike. basically i want to go around 25-30 and use it to cruise around town. can you suggest on what kind of engine to get and where?
thanks everyone
Everyone will have different answers. If your broke usually,a Happy Time (Chineese 2 stroke frame mount) is your answer. If you got some money,people say that belt drive rack mount is smooth.There are also 4 stroke frame mount,rack mount chain drive,roller drives,weed wacker engined weld jobs,front wheel drive,Alaskavans wonder horse.. If you really got some money,you also can't go wrong with a Whizzer.
So read read read and guage your own opinion.
There's a wealth of knowlege here.
25 to 30 you may need to stay away from the Happy Time unless your willing to go with a small rear sprocket,do some pedalling and roll on a skinny 27 or 28 inch rim.
Get yourself a 2 stroke chainsaw motor or something because a chainsaw has more torque from what I've read so far cause Im also new to this. A chainsaw will get you up hills without as much pedaling, but a weed eater motor will also do the trick. Also I'd go with a frame mounted motor with a chain drive. Friction drives slip in the wet, burning up your tire.

Hope this helps a little bit.

thanks for all the responses. can i get some links to sites that have motors on them please?
thanks for all the help