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    Hi all,

    I thought I posted earlier, but I dont see the link.
    Here it is again.
    Im new to this all, but i've been browsing your site occasionally for a few years.

    I had an OCC Chopper, but gave it away to a friends son.

    I got the bug again, and want to find a used OCC and build it.

    "I have no mechanical training whatsoever!" :dunce:

    I do have friends who are mechanics though! :cool2:

    Im located in Palm Coast FL.

    Based on my initial research, this is the plan:

    a. find another occ chopper bike
    b. buy gurbee skyhawk 48cc gt2b engine from, and get @ 10 more chain links. (referred by barry - ebay seller of bracket and custom muffler) @199 plus ship
    c. buy custom bracket ebay @36 plus 10 ship
    d. buy custom muffler (done to muffler in kit) @30 plus 10 baffle plus 15 ship.
    (roughly $300.00 Plus)

    I did go thru the posts, and I do have a lot more to learn.
    Any thoughts, or helpful hints?
    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Welcome to the forum. There are some well seasoned mechanics and fabricators on this site, but most of us started where you are. Look forward to pics of your completed OCC.
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    Hi Jerry,have fun and search.. there is alot of info here.
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    NEW-OCC Chopper FL, Palm Coast

    Welcome to the Forum,
    A few observations from one who has done an OCC. First off be prepared for some knuckle busting frustration, second be prepared for limited speed if you use the stock sprocket that comes with your engine, a smaller sprocket will give you more speed but limit you on hill climbing. I think you're in rather flat land there so you can probably use a smaller sprocket. The small 20"rear wheel doesn't require as much torque to turn as a 26" but you have a very wide tire that increases rolling resistance.
    Most of us who have done OCC's use a shift kit to give us gears and solves the problem of frame, rear brake, and chain interference. Be aware that if you raise the seat or set it back the seat tube can kink, or collapse. You may need support struts to the frame. Setting the seat back also increases the distance to the pedals, this can be awkward when starting off with your feet down and then trying to find the pedals again with your feet. The steering is different on these bikes so go slow until you get used to it. Barry's mount requires drilling two large holes thru the frame. I don't like holes in the frame and once attatched that offset mount may make it very difficult to add a shift kit later if you want too.
    The rear brake is inadequate for a motorized bike, you may want to add a front brake.
    I don't want to discourage you, these are really fun little bikes to ride but they are not an easy build. If I can help please feel free to message me.

    ps: Watch Craigs list for areas near you, I see quite a few Choppers on there.
  5. occchopperfl

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    Thank you!

    Thank you guys for your warm welcome!

    You make me feel like i'm part of the gang! :)

  6. nvrgoingslow

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    wheres the pics of your chopper?
  7. occchopperfl

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    coming soon!

    Looking to get the same original occ chopper that i once had.
  8. occchopperfl

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    Hi All,

    Not that many will read, but after much research and sleepless nights, this is what i've got:

    a. new huffy cranbrook donor bike. (pluses thick 12 g spokes, but possibly weak rear hub?)
    b. HS Rear mount kit. (pluses - great value as compared to subaru, honda, tanaka)

    For the price I had to give it a shot.

    From what the experienced MBers in this forum shared with me, the HS - Honda Clone is a very good engine overall.

    Thank you all who answered 1000's of questions. :)

    Ill post pics soon.

    Have a great weekend and safe MBing!