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    I joined this forum in 09. About time I said hello! Back then I was Rollin on my Grubee 49cc. Put it on a Diamondback mountain bike. That bike lasted a grueling 3 years of hard use. Kansas city hills , to and from work (6 mile roundtrip ). I sold it to a guy on cl. He called my later on that note pissed cuz he popped the chain and busted his face. Thing was he left my house and drove it like 50 miles! I basically had to yeah him on the spot how to ride. He didn't listen to me. Told him the chain needed to be checked and tightened every 20-30 miles( old non bearing chain roller sucked). He didn't know how much he had to be in tune with that set up. He hopped on like it was a bullet proof ktm dirtbike. Anyway now I'm building w Schwinn Swindler With a GT80 gasbike kit.

    From catching up reading on this forum and the other forum. I've seen big guys come up and go down in this MB game. I now know from studying my GASBIKE kit that several of the parts appear to be back engineering from China. I feel bad for the two original guys/companies that from what I can tell 2 of the parts on this kit were ripped from. I guess it's hard to Patten? These parts. Sorry you two. But me the consumer got a decent deal for 300. But because of some coupons I got like 50 bucks in extra parts for free Too. of course I'm completely disassembling the engine and doing a lot of port work. Drill da piston yah know. So it's been a long time comming 7 years Was up boys?

    The pics are from tonight. They are the near finished test fit. Build thread to come...

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