new project, goped motor


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Jun 16, 2008
sw FL
Hi my name is sean and im new to the fourm and i am intrested in making my bike into a motored bike its a bmx style bike. i am probably going to use a goped engine if you guys dont think i schould use something like a weed eater. I am not sure wich is better to make friction drive or a chain driven setup. although i have been thinking the friction, whick do you guys think is more esier to make. and is one really alot more practical.
Friction drive will save you making a gearbox, so thats what I would go for. That is unless you could use the original goped gearbox.

thanks thats what i was thinking how fast do you think a friction drive with a 1.2 hp engine would get me going if mounted properly?
how to mount?

do you think there would be a way to mount the engine using a big foot engne mount so i could use it like the clutch on the goped were the engne could be lifted of the weel.

or would it be better to mount it down some other way?
i am not sure of how would be a good way for me to mount the engine.
any advice woud be a big help. Thanks