New To Site. Own A 2000 Black Knight Whizzer.

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by btf331, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Hi everyone Name is Brandon iam 17 i own a 2000 Whizzer Black Knight Edition. I was told its very rare. I am allways looking for ideas to make my bike a little faster I took out my exhaust baffel which helped a little. Look forward to hearing from people. And also does any body out there have a rear tail light lens for a 2000 whizzer?

    Brandon Friedman

    PS: Any one from Long Island Lets get a ride if there is any one with whizzers on Long Island!

  2. Mountainman

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    hi Brandon --- welcome

    have fun as you ride that whizzer THING
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    hahah I will. Wish it had a little bit more power.
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Welcome Brandon,
    You own a very rare new edition Whizzer, in fact I have never actually seen one[only pictures]. It does have the WC-1 motor and will need to be upgraded in the near future. At one time I was told the WC-1 will last longer if left completely stock, however a lot of recent data indicates otherwise. When I modified the WC-1 motors the average life span was between 450 to 650 miles. I have never viewed a WC-1 motor with over 650 miles, stock or not.
    The WC-1 can produce a lot more power with a few changes. Removing the intake restrictor sleeve, advancing the camshaft, and drilling holes in the muffler insert will produce power and can take an average rider [180 to 240 lbs], on level ground approx. 45 MPH. Since your bike is a 24" the actual top speed will be around 43 MPH [speedometer will show 47~48 MPH].
    Removing the intake restrictor tube may almost "fall" out, or may require a little extra work to remove, depending on how close the tolerances were on any given day. The easiest and fastest way to remove the restrictor requires a 3/8" X 16 tap, a long 3/8" X 16 bolt [5" long], a 3/8" X 16 nut, a 3/8" washer, and a deep well socket [a 13/16" spark plug socket works well]. Use the tap to thread the center hole in the restrictor tube. Place the large open end of the socket over the restrictor, thread nut onto long bolt, next locate the washer below the nut. Insert the long bolt through the hole in the small end of the socket, thread bolt into intake restrictor [where you just cut new threads with the tap], tighten the nut against the socket, and as you continue to tighten the nut the restrictor will pull out of the port and into the inside of the socket.
    To advance the camshaft, first remove the phillips screws in the side cover [if you have an impact wrench, now would be a good time to use it], remove the side cover. On the WC-1 motor the camshaft will always stay in the cover during removal. Pry the camshaft from the side cover, install the camshaft ONE tooth advanced [turn counter clockwise]. Be careful to use the correct markings, and also note I have seen several motors with additional marks, and incorrect locations. Just make sure the crankshaft is positioned with the rod & piston at top, then locate the dot on the gear [usually in the 8 O'clock position], and then insert camshaft with the dot advanced on tooth. If you do this incorrectly [As I have several times] the only side effect ios the motor just won't start.
    On the muffler insert a series of 1/4" holes around the front & rear plate will help, but spend about $20.00 through a Whizzer dealer and buy the current muffler insert. Rumor has it that myself & Tom Hand designed a hi performance muffler insert and the current Whizzer unit looks almost identical. Always order via a dealer because they deserve your business. Several on this site include MotorbikeMike & Bill Green who are always here to help Whizzer owners.

    Have fun,
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    Hey bt331,
    Welcome. I was just reading on the forum under "let's ride" that guys in New York City are trying to get a motorized bike club together. Here's the link if you can't find it:
    Also Quenton has good advice. He gave me tips & sold me parts & my 99 Whizzer cruises easy above 55 miles an hour.
    My wife & I live near Hershey, Pa. Haul that bike down here & we'll cruise around. We're about 2 1/2 hours from N.Y.
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    Hello JBCruisin and Brandon

    I live in Ohio but my sister lives in Hummelstown, Pa ,nephew in Mechanicsburg Pa and niece in Elizabethtown Pa and she works at Hershey Med center. So I'm up that way from time to time. My bro-n law is a big Harley guy and I own a Kaw'- Hardly Davidson Vulcan cruiser. But the Kaw' is not where my heart lies. Where I live doesn't have real good places to ride the Whizzers without gettin' killed by a log or coal truck drivin' cowboy. But I'm trying to stir some knowledge and interest in Whizzers in Southern Ohio and go from there and the places to ride will present themselves. I'm building a 59 Ford panel truck and hope to build it with a Whizzer theme and stir some interest there too. Also it will make a great hauler to locations such as Hershey and other great places. But the panel/ hauler is in infant stages and has a lot of work ahead. All suggestions to paint [both whizzers and Kaw are black]decals etc etc would be appreciated. If you guys get a ride organized in spring let me know, I have other hauling devices, just not as unique as the panel. Lets hope that factory quality steps up and standardization of assembly steps up. If that happens then maybe these things will become a viable means of getting from point a to point b in the foreseeable future.
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    Hey Tonastke,
    I live about 35 minutes from Hummelstown, Pa. Get in touch with me when you're in the area. Also we have a rally planned next September 26 & 27th in Delaware. It's in the forum in the "Let's Ride" section.
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    Taillight lens

    Hey Btf331,
    A harley shop should have a taillight lens for you. I have a friend that has a Harley & his taillight is the same as the one on my 99 Whizzer.
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    Tail Light

    Thanks Jay i will be going this weekend to check on that lens. And i uploaded pics of the Whizzer if you go to the picture gallery on the top and the picture thread if you want to see the rare Black Knight.
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    Quentin, what makes a black night a rare bike. I have a chance to pick up one here that has only 17 miles on it and has been stored inside so it is in very good shape. I just didn't know they were rare. Just courteous. I understand the wc1 potential problems. Thanks and I hope this inset considered a hijack because the originator will probably be interested in your response as well.
  11. Quenton Guenther

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    Welcome to the site

    Several early bikes were short production versions. The Black Knight is one of them. The only one I viewed up close had 24" wheels.

    Have fun,