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    New user in Clearwater, Florida. My name is Rich. 61 yo retired male. I just purchase a zm 61cc hand crank motor kit from I plan on installing on a 7 sp Schwinn beach cruiser. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I previously owned an electric currie motor kit installed on a regular mountain bike and had problems with the motor breaking spokes. Any one having this problem with zm kit ??? Thanks in advance for any tips...

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    Morning Rich

    There is a bikeberry review thread here:

    and when you get to the bottom of the page, there are "5 similar threads", including 2 from that's the trick to "search", every time you find one, there are 5 more you can chase down.

    12 gauge spokes are a MB.rec on wheels, a bike shop can order steel ones for around $35, alloy for $50, or MB.member wheelmaster can string up the best money can buy, I have heard only great things about his indestructible wheels.