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    Hello all! I have been a pizza franchise owner, Auto Technician (doesn't pay anymore than an auto mechanic) and now a computer programmer. My first love is tinkering with stuff. Last year, I got hooked on creating and modifying bikes. I built a recumbent bike, boys 20" BMX style bike with 26" wheels stuffed in the frame just to name a few. Last Thursday my friend and I went "Junkin'", which is what others call trash picking. During the search I came across a McCulloch string trimmer with a broken head and tossed it into the truck. My buddy asked me what the **** was I going to do with that POS. I told him I heard that some people put them on bikes and that sounded like a cool idea. He laughed his butt off, thinking that of a tiny string trimmer trying to haul my fat butt anywhere (240lbs). I brushed him off but that laughing ****ed me off. I came home and found this forum through a Google search. I stayed up and read for 4 hours. I was convinced that it was a feasible idea I could pursue. I have plenty of unfinished projects so what is one more I thought. I spent Friday getting the McCulloch running and assembling parts for "The Build". Saturday morning I set to the task of building my "Diamond Wack" friction drive motorbike. Working all day Saturday I was rewarded with a simple test drive of a working but incomplete motorbike. Sunday morning I could hardly wait to get started. I tweaked and fiddled until I got a fully running motor with throttle control, mechanical clutch and the ever important brakes. And to the amazement of my wife and bemusement of my neighbors, that little engine hauled my fat butt all over the neighborhood at gleeful speeds. When I stopped I couldn't stop smiling, my wife said "you're hooked, aren't you?" Still unable to speak I just nodded. I tried to build it out of stuff already on hand so I would have no out of pocket $$$ for this project. I failed. I had to purchase a new spark plug, so I have $1.70 plus tax in my "new" motorbike. I am already building my second friction drive bike out of a full suspension Schwinn. I thank you
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    That's hilarious! Congratulations. You have arrived at the never ending destination.
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    Excellent story!!

    welcome to mbc.

    feel free to start a thread & show off your designs....we like pics!!