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    Being new to this site, I think, I may have posted this in in the wrong section.
    I'm looking at a Whizzer and no nothing about them. My experience is in vintage Vespas and misc PUCH bikes. The bike I'm considering is a Viking? I prefer vintage stuff and all of the Whizzers look vintage to me. So, what do I need to rely on when looking at these neat little 2Ts. Where are the VIN/SNs inscribed on these little guys?
    Thanks for any replies.

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  2. jbcruisin

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    the vin number is on the left side next to the engine oil drain screw.
  3. SilverHeels

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    Thanks JBCruizin,
    Looks like an H motor.
  4. Racie35

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    its nice...youre gonna want a front brake though eventually.
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Best to forget the front brake!

    Sadly the "Roadmaster front forks will kick backwards towards the frame when a front brake is applied and makes the bike problematic concerning handling.

    Your bike looks to be made by Cleveland Welding and looks like the Roadmaster produced prior to 1952. The fork springs are straight on the earlier models and has a loop on the later models.

    Let me know if you need any help on the project as I have a large collection of vintage Whizzer parts, many are NOS.

    Your current motor looks very correct. You have a very early "H" motor as it has the early mounting brackets attaching the motor to the frame. The only part I see needed on your current motor is the magneto cover.

    Have fun,
  6. SilverHeels

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    Hi Quenton,
    Thanks for your input. Did I mention this Whizzer frame has a "Viking" front plate When you say Cleveland welding, are you meaning these guys made frames that were sold to independent companies for rebranding? In this case, "Roadmaster"?
    Also, the engine stamping was H207XX (last two characters indistinguishable) On the head were the numbers "2204W2".
    BTW, do you have or now where I can get that magneto cover? How about the headlight? OEM?
  7. Racie35

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    you can buy a new headlamp for the newer whizzers from whizzerpaul on ebay...he may also know where theres some vintage ones. You could also try contacting Debbie at Whizzer USA for the newer ones. She lists them on ebay at times too.
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    1950LfMotor.jpg MVC-347F.jpg View attachment 51028 Cleveland Welding was the parent company of Roadmaster. Cleveland Welding, also like Schwinn made bicycles for private label companies. The Viking name is an example of private labeling. One of my vintage Whizzers has a "Chicago" badge, yet another has a "Western Flyer" badge both made by Schwinn.

    The magneto cover is available from several places, however I doubt Whizzer Paul will be of much help as he mainly deals with the new edition bikes, not the vintage versions.

    Try Ron Houk in Yorba Linda, CA or Harv at Memory Lane Classics in Ohio. If you don't have any luck, let me know and I can refer you to other vintage collectors.

    Ron 714-996-6323
    Harv 419-832-3040

    I personally wouldn't consider using a new edition headlight as they are poor quality [chrome is thin and often peels off]. The vintage versions were 6 volt, and were run from a generator [alternator] made by either Bendix or Hall. I will attach photos of the correct light & hall generator [alternator] Often the Bendix version is listed on EBay, however it has the wrong brackets for a Whizzer. The correct Whizzer/Bendix generator mounting brackets are easy to find if needed [Memory Lane Classics, Whizzer Works, etc].

    Several of the vintage Whizzer parts have been reproduced, and are exact, and won't harm the value of your Whizzer.

    Each time you add newer alternate parts you lower the value of your Whizzer. As an example it would enhance the value if you found a vintage headlight [battery operated, etc] or the original generator lights from the 40s, 50s, or 60s. The original generator lights can add over $1,000.00 to the value, and the correct battery operated version can add up to $200.00.

    I realize the parts are hard to find, but it is worth the effort.

    Have fun,
  9. Racie35

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    Any one of the lights is better then the one on it...I don't think yould be unhappy with the newer lights and you'll save money and can always keep an eye out for vintage stuff. I've never seen one peel so I don't know what Quenton's blabbing about other then every chance he gets to add a negative to the newer bikes,he chimes in. Kinda curious what's on his newer bikes? If you must have vintage though...I know where all types are.
  10. jbcruisin

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    yeah if you restore a vintage Whizzer why would you want to put vintage parts on it? It's alway s better to put crap from Taiwan on it. Just my thoughts..............
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  11. Racie35

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    Maybe you have one to offer him q2
  12. SilverHeels

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    Thanks for your responses. I appreciate the leads, as well.