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  1. Densen

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    Hi everyone,

    I am completely new to motorized bicycles and want to buy one for myself. I am currently looking at and am looking to buy the Black Phantom with hub brakes. Can anyone shed some light on to how good this bike is? My budget is about 1-1.5k
    I really want a cool look and not just a bike with an engine. I dont have any engineering or mechanical experience so I dont think I can do a diy kit, I would prefer to buy it from a reliable source

    thanks everyone,

  2. Densen

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    if the link doesnt work then google houston motorized bicycles
    my friends told me he gets sent to some baseball cap site. sorry if that is the case, its not like that on my computer
  3. crassius

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    link works here - not sure if you have hills in TX, but I wouldn't pay $450 for a bike with no front brake

    you might check craigslist in your area for what prices are like where you are & maybe get them to throw in a brake
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    i have found that owning a motorized bike is a hobby in itself, i ride mine daily, live in east Mt. so winter riding is very cold. Ihave upgraded parts , and am still doing so, otherwise i would not be able to ride daily, to get around. Fortuantly there isn't many hills here, so i dont know how the bike would do with that type terrain, I do ride on gravel roads alot, its rough. but i like to fish, and its the only way to get there w/out runnin on hwy.
    I do a pre ride inspection alot,( kinda like a pre flight on small plane)to make sure nothing critical is loose or broke, cuz at 30 mph it could hurt.I drilled out the plug on fuel screw on carb because i find i have to adjust it alot depending on temp atmosphere press. etc. to run optimal.I plan on upgrading to NT carb soon with intake for 4 stroke, with diff jets that should help.
    This has worked out for me cuz i like to tinker with stuff, and there really aint alot to these bikes. It would be a good learning experience for someone who wants to get more mech. inclined. I have no choice , because of poor choice i made when i first relocated to here, its only way for me to get arouns,.
    if you have any questions u can pm me, Trev