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  1. Tommy Griffin

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    I changed my spark plug over to a b7hs and now it won't start . Anyone else have this problem ?

  2. Quite the contrary, that's what i am using in mine and it screams! That's so much is a 100 degrees Chicago hot weather but when it cools off down into the seventies look out man, I've gotten up to 40 MPH plus on the rite roads rite winds passing car's.
    I know that could be dangerous however I live in a rural area for the time being.
    Do you have a flat head or a slanted head?
  3. Typo Not so much when it gets to this 100 degree humid hot Chicago weather
  4. Tommy Griffin

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    I got a slanted stock head
  5. I have purchased all NGK spark plugs to NGK five, six, seven. & And I also purchased a E3.22 Which works very well for me also. However I change the spark plug wire on mine I have a regular standard stock CDI, I unscrewed the stock plug wire from the CDI it just unscrews counter-clockwise righty tighty lefty Loosey. Then I got a piece of battery cable from a lawn tractor which is a bit smaller than an automotive cable I wanted the spark plug goes in on the other end there's a metal clip that's opened. I cut a 1-inch piece of the battery cable stripped half of the covering off, Crimped it on to the copper cable(Option to solder it) then I took the insulated side of the wire and aveewed it back into the CDI. Shall I no longer have to remove the nipples off the spark plugs. Better connection! Better wire! I then used a good silicone where I connected it to the CDI left a good job of it on there. Is called the rubber sleeves down on to the wire covering the blob over the CDI.
    What do you think about my rig?
  6. Oh I almost forgot I tried an iridium plug? Not so impressed with it.
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    You probably fouled the plug, take it out and wipe it off then try to start it again.
  8. Yeah me too 49cc. Did you remove the nipple from the sparkplug?
  9. Frankfort MB's

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    I've always had to take off the nipple
  10. That's why I switched to an automotive plugwire, the top terminal doesn't wear down as fast because you are just running on threads and you have a very loose connection with a nipple on there it snaps riye on and stays like it should
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    I can't get off the nipple. I've never been successfully weaned...
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