NGK Supplementary Gap Sparkplug

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    Does anyone know the sparkplug serial code for an equivalent supplementary gap NGK sparkplug with the same thread size and projector nose dimensions as the NGK BP6HS or BP8HS


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  3. Fabian

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    Thanks for the links Al, but how do i find out the cross reference part number when trying to find a supplementary gap sparkplug that's the same dimensions of a BP8HS.

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    Not sure if my answer is what you are really asking for...
    If you go tho each site (one for each plug), there is a application chart. These charts have dozen upon dozens of that plug applications. Now pick a few and now look up what plug is correct for these applications. For example if you have a NGK plug number "xyz" and that plug fits a "abc" vehicle engine, then you can look up what plugs fit that engine. They may only list a NGK, but they might list other manufactures such as AC/Autolite?Champion etc. Each plug will have the same basic properties. Is this what you are looking for?

    For example a 1963 Mercedes 180 calls for a BP6HS. Looking up a 1963 Mercedes 180 I see that there are a number of manufactures that make plugs for that engine. NGK/Champion/Autolite are a few brands, and these are sold at Advance.
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