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    My name is Judah and I am new to the forum. I've already got a lot of useful info and honestly could keep reading for hours. I live in St. Petersburg, FL and am new to the gas bike scene. I recently purchased a already built bike with a new Grubee Skyhawk 66cc engine. I've come across a few minor struggles due to some parts he used were used and old, but have invested and replaced. So with that being said, it's so nice to meet everyone and I hope my ?? will be answered when the time comes.

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    welcome to the form great place to get help, and learn, before you know you will be answering the questions instead of asking them. have fun
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    Lookup and read your Florida's moped laws before you invest too much money. You have to build your bike to comply to their moped laws or you risk being ticketed if you plan to ride on the public roadways.