Nirve Switchblade Tangerine w/ skyhawk

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    My name is Jim and I live just outside of Charlotte, NC in a town called Stallings.
    I am a chef at a hospital in downtown charlotte. I love building and modding things. Honestly I only joined up with this forum to try to sell my Nirve Switchblade Chopper. Last spring I put a skyhawk 66cc kit on it and have loved it ever since. However the gym I rode to on it has closed and the closest other gym is almost 25 miles away. I used the bike for fun never serious transportation. Riding on the street actually scares the **** out of me. Also I am looking at putting a turbo kit on my Honda fit and need some financing; My wife is only letting me have one toy at a time. LOL. The bike has less than 100 miles on it and runs great. Really it is just "broken in" but it must go. I basically copied a dudes build on the internet who had a red and blue one. Made the frame into a gastank, put a clamshell on the drive wheel BTW it still has the 3 inch back tire which is sick. JeeZ the more I talk about it the more painfull this becomes. I'll be posting the total info in the buy/sell/trade forum.