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    Hi Forum.
    I'm building my first bike with the 47.7cc 2-stroke. My current issue is with the clutch. I am not able to get any movement in the cam pin #25 (per the clutch assy diagram) See picture.

    When the handle is squeezed to disengage the clutch, all that results is deformation of the clutch cable.

    With the cover and lever off, I am not able to push the cam pin in with hand pressure and I am weary about tapping it in with light hammer blows.

    To sum it all up, the clutch seems permanently engaged. There is no turning of the little sprocket free of driving the piston. The only way to have the little sprocket move is to use the sparkplug wrench to turn the engine over (at the little sprocket) or spin the tire to have the chain turn the engine over.

    P.S. I wonder if I inadvertently tightened something when turning the engine over thru the little sprocket using the spark plug socket?

    Any Ideas? Thank you.

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    I had a similar problem, and I'm still having it. The clutch is a bear to pull in, and it won't disengage if I just pull the lever. What I do when I need the clutch to let go, is I pull the clutch lever in with all my might, and reach down with the other hand (mind the cooling fins, I have a striped finger) and push the lever in (push the lever toward the right). I can then pedal off without turning the engine over.