no manual for new engine-how to best set up for running

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by deercrossing, May 14, 2007.

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  1. deercrossing

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    hello, i like to type large caps-got bad i's. i asked a question about a leaking carb. now that i see how to go about using this site i have a few more questions. i just bought the engine and put it together. i have no manual to tell me how to do any items like just how do you turn off the engine? i really have no idea what the things on the carb do for sure. how do i get the best tuning or know when i have best set the engine up? the engine should idle at a stop with the clutch pulled in? and the gas is leaking out the side of carb when petcock opened up.

    thank you, david a.

  2. gone_fishin

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    hiya,'ve found the "manual"...and you have a private message :)

    well, the questions you have are all common "first build" issues...there are answers around "general discussion", "tech/mech help", and in the "MBc owner's manual"...

    try some basic keyword searches with the "all terms" option checked, if you find an older active topic that addresses (but doesn't answer) your problem, go ahead and "bump" it with your question, someone will jump in and help out.

    if you still have questions, feel free to start a new topic & ask for help in the appropriate forum. our preferred method, and the most effective, is to ask about a specific single problem: give details & include pics when necessary for clarity.
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  4. deercrossing

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    I now know that my carb leak is a bad float in the carb. I found an article by JosephGarcia with pictures! One sentance that stood out is if the float has gas in it it is sunk and will not float. I knew mine has gas from having taken the carb bottom off and had noted the gas in the float. Being I'm not very smart this ment nothing at the time. With help from the wiser I know my problem. This should be covered under the warrenty from the dealer? If not anyone know how I can get a float and having read some on this site I see I will need gaskets soon. Where do i get gaskets from? To all I thank you for the info and the cheap talk too!!!!
    David A.

  5. Guest

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    The float you should be able to get replaced from your seller/dealer.
    The gaskets you can make yourself from gasket material bought at the local auto parts store.

    I haven't had to replace either of my intake of exhaust gaskets...I used Seal All on both sides of the intake gasket before I ran the engine, and the exhaust hasn't even leaked yet, mostly due (I think) to the fact that I used new hardware and tossed the exhaust mounting studs when I built it. I could then tighten the exhaust down properly.