no spark on my just bought used chinese motorized bike and i am lost..

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by nolisence, Sep 10, 2014.

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    I just bought this motorized bike on craigslist du to the loss of my license, I know noting about it except when I bought it I rode it up and down the street and everything worked great, I put it away and the next morning it had no spark and was dead in the water. I disconnected the kill switch, checked all loose wiring, is getting fuel, I have been working on it for hours... like I said, it was running mint with no signs of any sort of problems when I put it please, I need to get to work. it is a Chinese motor and has blue black white and yellow wires coming from the motor. any help will do. I have read many post on here and nothing is working. I am new to all of this

  2. crassius

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    I'm wondering if the white & the yellow wires are really your kill switch wires running into the motor.

    You probably need to trace those out and disconnect the kill switch to see if that gets you a spark.

    search on the board here for a diagram of how the wiring usually goes
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    I believe that a good number of stator coil failures are caused by use of the killer switch, either from the engine having too high an idle speed or from people using the kill switch as a "Jake brake".

    In 5 years, i have only had 1 stator coil fail, and it didn't fail completely; having an intermittent open circuit condition.
    When the stator coil was replaced, the bike ran perfectly.
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    so I hooked a small light bulb to the whit wire and the blue wire and gave a couple turns of the pedals and there was no life what so ever.. read a post that recommended that and they got some light that way. the mag looks super clean and so doesn't the coil but it has to be one of those right?
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    you really need a multimeter for this, but ignore that white wire completely - spark comes out between blue wire & black when nothing else is connected to white wire

    EDIT: if you're totally lost already, then you should really call the guy you got it from - maybe he put an ignition lock switch on it
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    If you've only been working on it "for hours", then you haven't been working on it long enough.

    I spent 2 years working on my bike to get it to run properly and with good reliability.
    You have a steep learning curve ahead of you, starting from yesterday.
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    the "search" thingy really helps, and if you looked for would have been working for less than ten minutes, considering that theres only two wires to worry about, the third one is a wild goose, and if theres a fourth...its the gooses cousin, joining in on the gag.

    black and blue. that is all. just black and blue, disregard everything else.

    the highly complex schematic has been posted countless times.

    do what crassius says...