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    Hi all,im new to this forum obviously,ive been involved with cycling cince the early 90's,done the road and track racing,but havent been involved for a number of years now.
    Ive recently become interested in the whole bike engine scene thanks to my brother whos foitted one to his mtn bike.Ive purchased a 66cc kit from a local mob and have 2 bicycles to choose from to fit it to.
    My plan is to fit the kit to my old Lemond road bike though its had the rear tips changed to track tips so il be running a bmx sprocket to allow freewheel.Ive also got my pride and joy a Gan Well Pro from Japan,a full NJs build from the keirin racing.Though id like to get the engine kit sussed on the Lemond before attempting to fit to the Gan Well.
    Anyways hope to learn alot through here,hope the above wasnt too boring.

  2. Welcome NJS.

    Hi NJS, and welcome to the forums.
    You will find a lot of invaluble information around here, if you use the search feature.
    I've noticed a fair few Aussies coming through the doors lately,
    Hope you stick around, we need some more Aussie blood around here!

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    Thanks Chris
    Im discovering the joys of a build,i purchased a cheapo Gary Fisher mtn bike on sunday then today after fitting up the 66cc engine ive discovered the triangle is too tight to fit the carb.The first plan was to fit to my Lemond roadie which has been transformed into a fixie but the cranks didnt clear the engine.So now im back to square one either find another mtn bike or get the Lemond bottom bracket width sorted to clear the engine....
  4. Offset Intake Manifold.

    If the engine fits in your frame ok but not enough room for the carby, you can extend your intake and aim it off to the side.
    You can purchase offset intakes for fairly cheap, not sure where from in Sydney?? Im out central west NSW. You could always check on ebay.......
    Ive had to do this myself on 2 differant bikes now. My current frame (a huffy transfer) needed this done, I used the spark plug spanner that came with the kit, cut maybe 3/4 of an inch from it, cut a 45 degree angle on one end, cut another 45 degree angle on the carb end of the intake manifold then had my local muffler shop weld it together for me. Cost me $5. My carby now sits out the side above the clutch, I would post a few pictures for you but I am on android phone, Im sure you could find some pictures if you search offset intake......
    Good luck, Its not game over yet, your only just begining!!!
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    Sweet thanks for the info,ive fond a place in western sydney that sells the offset kit.Will be a relief i was feeling very deflated today with a failed attepmt.
  6. Rock Solid Engines in Queensland also sell a billet aluminium intake that is really short and brings the carb in close to the engine.......$30 or so..........