not new to motors on bike's

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    Ive had a couple chinese cheap bike motors but I just got my first gebe and man do I like it . honestly though you probably get more bang for your buck with the chinese type but if you dont want to have to mess with alot of fine tuning , chain alignment, and various other thing go with the golden eagle.ive only got about 20 miles on it and geeze its alot smoother system

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    Fond of the Golden Eagle, are you? I'm not surprised; I've heard good things about them.

    Can't say from my own experience. I've never ridden one. Never even seen one in person.

    But I'm sorta sympathetic to them. They're from the home of Oldsmobile. And there's just something right about that. Even though it doesn't make any real difference. And they're reputed to be a good kit. That certainly helps.
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    Not here in illinois we dont need a license. Your not supposed to go over 20 mph though. I try and follow the rules
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    I was just on their site to check it out.
    I like that it has some high tech way of increasing fuel atomization but the site failed to show how it is done.
    With peak torque at 5000 rpm it probably revs to 6500 which is OK.
    I dislike that the fuel tank is so small and that they use a power-robbing catalytic converter.
    Does the thing have 3 gears?
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    Not gears for has three gear options. Highway gear which is the faster, middle gear(standard with kit), and a trail gear.yes I agree the tank is have options for tgat though. You get these msr bottles I guess that are specifically for carrying fuel.the fit where your water bottle goes.i use my water bottle for fuel. Its aluminum and I already had it .now some people take a 1 gallon gas can and mount it on the side of the motor frame then run lines to the can.i really just got this kit im happy with it so far. I plan on doing a couple 2 hour trips on it this is definitely crappy that the tank Is so small but the good thing is its 4 stroke I can go to the gas station and put 50 cents in the tank. dont have to mix oil .so that is nice for me.i have no clye of the range yet.
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    Ok I was a bit concerned about the tank size. (.67 quart ). Not anymore. I traveled about tenty five miles on one tank.very impressed.i cant wait to do more trips.i did some quick math.if gas is $4 a gallon 4 quarts inca gallon a full tank is 67 cents.well gas isnt $4 a gallon iys like $3.60 and I didnt quit use a full I would estamat 50 cent took me 25 miles.2 cents a mile is pretty cool
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    250 miles in this beast.i love it.takes a little more time to get paces but with they fuel efficiency I use it every chance I can