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    Ok, so I'm not that keen on the look that the general tanks out there give so in my pursuit of coming up with an alternative for something that is more inconspicuous I thought (perhaps it's already been done ) it could be possible with the use of a gas resistant plastic bladder to use one if those hydration back packs that mountain bikers use.

    Of course that raises all types of safety issues having two or three litres of fuel strapped to your back and a tube running to the carb but I'm dumb/brave enough to do that for a cleaner looking bike.

    Any other creative fuel tanks out there that anyone would like to put forward ?

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    I think it would be more ridiculous for you riding around looking like a BOMB. I'll be the one holding your beer. What engine are you using?
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    A mini heinekin beer keg?
    A plastic lawnmower tank?
    A small aluminum bottle?
    anything can be made into a gas tank without it looking like a gas tank.
    Juat don't go strapping gas to yourself in a backpack.
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    Thanks for the ideas above.

    Ron, I'd be using a ht 66, I'm starting from scratch with a bare frame style I like and am wanting the bike to keep it's look if at all possible, the frame uses an almost square tubing for the two bars running to the head so I'd like to keep as much of that feature as clear as possible. I've already decided to hide the cdi on the seat post as low and tucked away from view as I can get with maybe using a slant head turned towards the rear so as to minimize the plug wire also.
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  6. how big is your frame tubing? maby use part of the frame as the tank. You may not even have to cut it apart to do so. vent holes in the neck and crank tube can be welded up
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    or even fabricate something around the frame. I've seen some great things done with fiberglass
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    hey bubba hold my beer....
    hey Y'all watch this.....
    OP falls off bike rips gasline off the carb gets soaked in gas...
    meanwhiles the gas spraying out of the now cut line hits the super hot exauhst and bursts into flames

    flames follow the path of the flowing gas....HUMAN FIREBALL....
    oh and gas fires are not easy to put out...
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    better off modding frame with a oversize top tube that you can make sealed and tap with a cap and petcock....
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    I don't think the issue is the use of the fuel bladder, I think the safety issue is strapping said fuel bladder to your back... if you are thrown from your bike, the fuel line could detach, which leads to the fireball scenario mentioned previously making a bad situation (thrown from bike) significantly worse (human fireball thrown from bike).

    And you said the purpose of devising an alternate gas tank is you are looking for a clean looking bike... what's "clean looking" about hoses leading from the carb to a bag on your back?
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    Well, a small tube running to the carb is a lot less of an eyesore than a tank.
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    I really think the human fireball scenario is a pretty low probability.
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    Thanks, it is an idea well worth considering.
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    You could always install a rear rack on the back and use pannier bags on the side to use 2 fuel bags or just one and still have room for storage or a six pack.
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    Have you considered an internal tank, like the guy stated above? I believe they call it an "In-frame Tank". It would solve the problem of the looks, and would also allow you to keep your fuel lines shorter and neater.
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    Yes, although the frame is still on it's way to me so I'll have to wait to measure the volume of the top tube. It looks like it could hold about approx 750ml, which isn't much but I suppose I could carry spare fuel with me in a backpack for longer trips.