off road?


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9:11 PM
Mar 5, 2008
anyone else take there bike off road?hate to sound like im bragging here but this bike has passed all my expectations.for the first 1000 miles or so i treated it to pavment only.since then ive been going off road a little does well once i get my speed up.ive even been hitting some jumps and it handles it preety good.if i can get my hands on a vidio cam soon ill get some shots of that. does anyone else give there bike **** or am i the only one ?
What kind of setup are you running? I know I killed lots of parts on my HT setup by trying to offroad with it. Then again I have very hilly and rugged terrain here (even on pavement)
I cant imagine taking my bike off road. As it is the streets of NO are bumpy as **** and I usually get to destinations by taking the least bumpy streets possible.

If I really wanted to go offroading that bad I'd just get a dirtbike. The whole point of the motored bike for me is that I can ride it in the streets without hassle from the local authorities.
sirjake this is a friction drive motor setup i built on my own cause i didnt have 450 or so for a named bran kit.its a shindaiwa motor wich is made in japan.i got a few pics in gallery.
That sounds like a blast! I'm looking to use my new MB offroad a bit. So far the closest thing to off-roading i've done was on my happytime MTB just flying down poorly maintained dirt roads in my home town. The friction roller setup sounds like its good for dirt since you wont break any spokes with a left hand mounted sprocket and should keep the weight down. Just watch out for mud or whatever as I would think the friction drive would just start slipping in that case. You must have your setup geared more for torque than speed I would think but what kinda top speed are you getting out of it on the dirt? Just be careful, I know from experience things can get hairy much faster off road than on solid pavement. At least the falls usually aren't as painful though :)
Cant wait to see that vid with the dust trails behind you!
when i first made the bike the drive roller was smooth so when it would rain it would slip and ide been sitting still.since then ive had the drive roller nurled and now the wet isnt much of a prob.yeah it geared pretty low.the top speed is about 25 with this 7/8 spindle.
I have taken mine on a trail right next to the railroad track - starts out bumpy as can be with that crushed rock they use for the railbed so I just put along about as slow as it will still run 10-12 mph, then after a mile or so it turns to dirt trail - open er up and let it RIP no prob 26-27mph for miles. Very smooth dirt trails with ZERO traffic/pedestrians.
Eastwood, I noticed your profile says Dade City. I live in Lakeland a few miles over, and I've rode though Dade City on hwy 301 a few times! Glad to see others in central FL with motored bikes!!!

I go offroad sometimes, but having a trailer makes it hard to take big bumps. However, using the engine helps get through sand and grass, but my bike is really meant to be used on the road.