Offering a new motor mounted, spring loaded chain tensioner to motorbike community!

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  1. turbobuick1

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    Hi to everyone, I'd like to show you a new tensioner I have started making for 2 stroke Chinese engines! It is a simple but effective set up that consists of two machined, 6061 aluminum brackets, a roller and a spring that bolt on top of the clutch arm cover using the included stainless steel hardware. I encourage you to check out my ebay listing for a fuller description:

    Im selling these for $35 plus 5$ for shipping, so $40 shipped to your door!!

    If ebay is not your thing, I can also sell it to you directly through the forum. Simply send me a PM, and i will respond with a Paypal address. I almost always ship within 24 hrs via USPS Priority Mail (during business days of course).

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for your interest!!

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  2. Max-M

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    Very nice. Good luck; I hope you sell a boatload of these, Turbo.
  3. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    Thanks! They've been selling faster than i imagined they would! Thanks to everyone for the support!
  4. orbeas

    orbeas New Member

    Can you send to the UK please ???
  5. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    Of course, I'd be happy to! Just send me a PM with your complete address and I will give you a quote on shipping!
  6. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    Just a note that I am sold out of tensioners until this wednesday coming up. I will have a lot more available then! You can always find it on ebay by searching for "MMB Tensioner", or by sending me a PM and buying directly through PayPal! Thank you to everyone for their support!
  7. V 35

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    Of all the ' store bought ' tensioners I've seen, yours is the best . I 'd like to suggest a minor styling change, to flow more seamlessly into the chain guard, how about a matching chain guard ? You've got the ' London Cafe ' look down pat . I hope your products sell well, as they are bound to keep chain fubars [ and injuries ] to a minimum.
  8. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    Thanks for the kind words! I will definitely look into making a compatible chain guard for it; that's not a bad idea at all! If I did, it would be a matching heavy gauge aluminum one that would be aesthetically similiar to this chain tensioner. Again, I appreciate the idea, and if you know of someone looking for chain tensioner that works well, be sure to direct him/her to a Michigan Motor Bike tensioner! Again, I will have quite a few more available for sale on Wednesday.
  9. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    More engine-mounted, spring-loaded tensioners are now available! Something new is that I've added the option of including the required 4mm and 5mm allen wrenches (keys). Great for the motorbike owner who might not have metric allen wrenches, or just doesn't know where he/she put them! All you have to do is provide a 13mm or 1/2" wrench!

    The two allen wrenches are a $1.50 option on eBay, but they are FREE if you buy the tensioner directly through the forum/Paypal! Just send me a PM, and I will respond back with a Paypal address.

    Thanks for looking! For pictures, and a fuller description, please check out the ebay link in my signature below, or search for "MMB Tensioner" on Ebay!
  10. orbeas

    orbeas New Member

    I bought one and received it here in the UK in 4 days.. Great piece of kit, solves the slack chain rattles and is soo quiet - 10/10 !!
  11. borntofli

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    save yourself time and money and buy a chain breaker... do away with the tensioner completely.... smoother and quieter....
  12. orbeas

    orbeas New Member

    Chain Tensioner

    Sorry but you know nothing about chains or chain tension...

    If you cannot shorten the chain to the correct length and your frame has non adjustable rear ends then tell me how you can do away with the tensioner ??????
  13. Fuzz

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    turbobuick1 chain tensioner

    Hello turbobuick1 I would like to have one of those chain tensioners. However our beloved admin Anton just changed the message settings on the forum to be a ****. Sooo I would love it if you could send me a pm so we can get talking.
  14. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    Hey Fuzz. I see you've been banned so unfortunately I am unable to send you a PM, but just so you and anyone else who might be interested knows, you can find my tensioner on ebay either by clicking the link in my signature below, or by searching for "motorized bike chain tensioner" or "MMB tensioner". Thank you for your interest!
  15. Ibkukin

    Ibkukin New Member

    This makes all the difference in the world. No more chain problems!
  16. turbobuick1

    turbobuick1 New Member

    Thank you for the kind words! Glad you like it, seems like a lot of people find it useful. Still available for sale on eBay!