Fuel Mixture Oil to Gas Ratio Help!!!!!

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  1. WickedWheelz

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    Hey everyone! I'm still new to the motor bike world but I have completed my first build! I love riding my motor bike. The only question I have now is after the first 2 tanks of gas what's the oil:gas ratio? The first 2 tanks I mixed 16:1. Now that the motor is broken in what oil:gas ratio should I be using? I'm wondering if there are better ratios that make the motor faster or more quiet? I don't need speed because you can only go 30mph on a motor bike here in Wisconsin. Any ratios I can use to make the motor running smoother and more quiet? Anyway, can anyone give me some insight on which ratios work better after the first 2 tanks of 16:1????? Thanks!

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  2. gothicguy64

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    20:1= 250ml


    30:1=166ml what i use is 165ml in 5 lt

    an use the best semi or full synethic oil u can afford

    sydney oz
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  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Another one that doesn't know how to use the "search" button. This topic has been covered no less then a 100 times.
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  4. adrian101

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    I have a question... whats that oil ratio again? LOL hahaha joking! :goofy:
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  5. WickedWheelz

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    I have done a search and everyone has their own opinion! I wanted to try 30:1. I just want to make sure I don't mess anything up!!!!!
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    Yeah I think so to Al.Fisherman

    So this thread for now has become a "sticky", so all who care to can post their opinions on oil ratios and oil ratios

    If anyone has a thread on oil ratio, post the url of that thread here to so things don't repeat themselves.

    later on we'll try, get some sort of oil ratio chart happening in Metric and Imperial etc.
  7. BoltsMissing

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    My .0268547812 cents worth

    16:1 for the first gallon of fuel used on a new motor.

    Dpending on the whether, on hot days ( T-Shirt and Thongs ) what I feel is 20:1, depending where I'm going, other side of town etc cos I got a up-hill "battle" getting back.

    Moderate warm whether, ( 2 T-Shirts and Sneakers) 25:1

    Other days, 30:1

    Oil Brand, for me cos it's cheap

    On my good builds with more money spent, well I go a bit better and look after it. Still experimenting but research has indicated the Amsoil range.
    However, I would not use Amsoil racing oil on a HT cos I simply don't race.
    For me it's "Kroooze" range. I'm in no hurry.
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  8. WickedWheelz

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    Ok obviously I haven't done enough searching for the answers I was looking for lol! Either way I used 16:1 for the first 2 tanks and the 3rd tank I tried 20:1 and it seemed to run better. I'm on the 4th tank so I think I'm going to try 25:1. So far for being a noobie I guess I just have to try things for myself and see what happens!
  9. aaronwilde

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    im curious on these ratios.. and yes i have searched i simply do not understand. i got a nice 66cc bike and it works great, and was pre used. the guy told me the tank is 1.8L and he said for each L of gas, 2 OZ of oil. WTF does that translate to with all this 20:1 stuff. Sorry i dont get it. Also is that the right ratio? also when im fueling up, should i put the gas in the bike, then drop the oil in? or should i have a seperate container with gas, put the right amount of oil and shake it so it mixes first? Probly a total LOLOL question but im noob.
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  10. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    whats an oz? im aussie, we talk cc or millilitres...

    convert oz to cc, convert litres to cc, reduce results to lowest fraction....

    1:20 = 22:440 = 5:100

    1:37 = 3:111 = 18:666

    :rolleyes7: uni grade maths?

    yes, you should be buying a 5 or 10 litre can and be mixing it, measured properly.

    i just dump 1l of oil into a 20l drum.then hope the servo station is accurate with the fuel. mixes as it fills :) then a reckless drive home through the back roads does the rest.

    choose a convenient ratio and stick with it.
  11. pr0wlunwoof

    pr0wlunwoof New Member

    Alright read this and thought about giving a marine grade oil a try. I'll let you know. If nothing else hopefully the exhaust wont be as pungent.
  12. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member


    while ive never tried it, ive been led to believe that if marine oil is used in a hot running aircooled chromeplated-cylinder 2stroke, it will die!

    iron bores are ok apparently.

    something to do with the cylinder wall temperatures and specific additives in the oil. silicon i believe. i cant state it as a 100% fact though.

    where as cast iron contains graphite and is sort of self lubricating. that i can say is 100% correct :)

    HT's and most 2bangers these days are chrome plated alloy.

    meh! try it and let us know! ;)
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  13. pr0wlunwoof

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  14. pr0wlunwoof

    pr0wlunwoof New Member

    Alright I went home for lunch and drove the MB back. With the synthetic in it I could tell a real difference. Allot more tork for going uphill. I'll run the rest of the tank out and see if I notice any problems.
  15. pr0wlunwoof

    pr0wlunwoof New Member

    Been for a couple rides now and I think the oil is doing fine. Will keep posting. Right now about 10 miles with the synthetic Pennzoil.
  16. jeffuehrer

    jeffuehrer Member

    i am getting ready to try 3.5 oz. per gallon. i am using amsoil so the quality is there that way less is needed. the ratio comes out to be about 36:1 which if I was using a cheaper 2-stroke oil it would probably be equal to at least 30:1 but I read that you should have a ratio of no less than 25:1. My first build I used 2 oz. of amsoil per gallon and went over 2,500 miles. I have since learned better and will maintain no less than 3.5 oz. of amsoil per gallon until deemed otherwise.

    "If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is."
  17. pr0wlunwoof

    pr0wlunwoof New Member

    I'm running a 28:1 with the synthetic outboard penzoil and I haven't had an issue. When I empty the tank I'm gonna take the head off and make sure it all looks good in the cylinder.
  18. AltonKeel

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    Tanaka pf4000

    I've had many 2 strokes and always used a good synthetic at around 50:1 with no problems

    My latest tanaka pf4000 specs 50:1
  19. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Yes, I'm a synthetic nut also............I'm going very thick at 25:1 Amsoil, but I add a splash of Maxima Castor 927 witn mix.
  20. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze Active Member

    I've got around 3000 miles on my HT. I broke it in with the Wal-Mart house brand (think it's called Tech 1) I use a 1 gallon gas can. 1 bottle to 1 gal. is 16:1 After 1 can i started mixing 1/2 bottle to 1 gal.= 32:1 Works great, very little to no smoke, engine runs cool with good power, and it's dirt cheap. I know there are very good (and very expensive) oils out there, but is that expense justified on a cheapo China girl? I'll stick with my choice and see how it ends long-term.