Ok... Im a n00b... and I'm a fatty... whats right for me?

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    I'm a big dude-- 6ft 1, 300+lbs I have searched and found some info, but not much at all regarding people of my size

    I have been researching for the past week or so, and looking for a system that is reliable, relatively inexpensive (say $600 or less for kit and motor), as quite as possible, and a good fit for a big guy like myself. I want to stay 49cc's or less.

    I don't need to have to fly around, I think 30mph would be PLENTY fast for me, and I don't mind peddling some, so long as I'm not killing myself. Where I live in upstate NY (Ithaca), there are plenty of fairly decent sized hills. I can peddle assist up the hills no problem, but I don't think I could do them without some assistance, or an ill-fated hart attack.

    So here is what I have gathered so far:

    I like the simplicity of the friction drive set-up, esp the idea that I could take several rollers on a trip, and change them out pending on the hills and valley's on the road to get optimal performance. I think due to my size, a 1inch roller would be used on the hillier terrain, and I could opt for a 1.25inch roller, or even larger on flat stretches. I am slightly concerned over the slippage issue in wet conditions, however I have heard of a roller that is designed to work in wet conditions... any reviews on this?

    I also have looked at the GEBE system, and liked that for a couple of reasons. One being that the motor is mounted directly above the frame, and not off to the side. I figure this would help with balance. I am a little concerned about the spokes not being strong enough, esp with my large size.

    Finally, I have pondered the Dax Titan chain drive set-up. I cannot find on the webpage where the set-up is sold, I can only find the titan motor. I like the durability that the chain drive reputations have, and feel this is another contender for my situation.

    When it comes to a motor, I have several I have thought about. I want to get the most power for my money as I can, and really want a quite ride. The Dax-Titan motor looks solid, and is a good price. I also like the higher reported RPM range with it. Another option I have come across is the motors on bestbikeengine.com, as they have both a 52cc and a 49cc which are at a very good price. Finnally, the smallenginewarehouse.com has the Honda GXH50QHA for just over $200.

    So, for a 300+lbs size guy... which kit and motor would you run?


    Friction drive with multiple rollers
    Rear Mounted chain drive


    Dax Titan
    Honda GXH50QHA
    49cc/52cc from http://www.bestbikeengine.com/engines.html

    Thanks for any and all replies:cool:

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    Hmmm... seems all motorized bicycles, even peddle-assist bikes are illegal in New York... Good thing this city is a very liberal city, and I think I will be ok- so long as the motor is REALLY quite... Im gonna need to invest in a quite motor, and the most quite muffler I can find!
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    hi bigkat and welcome,

    if you click on the link you will end up on thatsdax page, it looks like the titan kit is out of stock at the moment, call Duane and he should be able to tell you when you could get your hands on one.


    (top right of web page)

    Your heading down the right road with either of the gebe, or daxs kits, also staton makes a solid chain kit with different engines to choose from... they are all good quality kits and top notch vendors in the motorizing bike business.

    Friction drive might be a concern,( i think DE has the non slip roller) i live in the desert so no problem with my rig.

    I own a gebe setup and a staton friction drive kit and love them both, you will have to beef up your wheels with 10/12 gage spokes even us smaller guys do that as the 14 gage standard spokes will eventually give with the extra stress of the motor.

    search the fourms and you will find builds that will help you decide.
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    If I were shopping the market, I'd look real hard at Tanaka. A friend of mine ran one for many, many thousands of miles. As long as you mix the oil good, they run and run...
    I'd personally not be interested in the chain drive chinese stuff, they don't last as long and have way too many pieces to go wrong...plus if ever the motor seizes, I hear they skid to a stop.
  5. s_beaudry

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    Hello BigKat650...

    Just to throw this out there, as you are a larger man then myself at 230lbs, have you ever thought of a pusher trailler?

    I built two so far and I love them, they are incredible in terms of the torque they can offer you and being able to get up steep hills with NO pedaling at all.

    I built one based on a 6.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, it was easily able to get me going from a dead stop and get me up the steepest of hills with no pedaling at all.

    Setting up the axle with both wheels driving offers very good traction, and YES, even while raining I was able to use it!

    I have some pics of it in my albums if you would like to see an idea of one!

    Btw, it was easily removeable as it connected and pivoted on the seat post!

    Regards, Steve
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    sorry beaudry, but i dont think a pusher trailer would be a very smart idea since he lives in NY and any motorized bicycle is illegal. unless you can convince them that it is not a motorized bicycle and rather a motorized trailer, i dont think it would be good idea. I dont remember who it was, but someone on here has a rack mounted engine with a mesh cover around it to hide the engine and a long exhaust pipe with two mufflers. i'll try to find it.
  7. s_beaudry

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    Just putting it out there, knowing all the ideas is better then only knowing some!

    Although, it could easily be conceiled inside of a case and my B&S was actually very quiet compared to my 66cc HT.....

    And with all due respect, the extra torque would take alot of strain off an engine with the weight he is.
  8. levsmith

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    i know what you mean and no disrepect to you but im just saying that i think the trailer would attract more attention than a rack mounted engine, and with the bikes being illegal, attention is probably the last thing that he needs.
  9. shecky

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    I agree, if you want something robust enough for 300+ lbs, a pusher with at least 3hp and low gearing would be the way to go.

    It's a pity a decent torque converter isn't available for the small Chinese engines. They'd go a long way toward making the MB more practical mode of transportation for a wider variety of body sizes.

    But if you want quiet, electric is the only option. Thing is, if MBs are illegal, why not just bite the bullet and get a motorcycle? One of the big attractions of MBs that make them viable in most places is the lack of regulations. But where you live, regulations are extreme.
  10. bluegoatwoods

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    Hello and welcome.

    My 2 cents: put your money into a solid bike (Schwinn Heavi Duti seems like a possibility). If money is getting short at that point, go with a happy time.
    Ride slower and easier than those of us who are lighter.

    You ought to get along that way.
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    I'm hearing what you are all saying, and thanks for the responses!

    I know a hefty guy such as myself has its downsides... esp when using a little motor to carry me up hills.

    I think, even though the state says all motor-assisted bikes are illegal, I still want to persue a 49cc motor since I am actually planning a move in a few months down to PA, and figure its the best option for not requiring a license. (and no... the illegal motor biking status is not my reason for leaving NY... although its not helping my already unfavorable thoughts of the NYS DMV and other official offices)

    So basically i'm deciding on the style of motor bike I am going to want to build, and I think it is down to two styles: GEBE or friction drive.

    The pluses of the friction drive are:

    ~~I would have the ability to switch friction rollers rather quickly (a min or two) when climbing hills for more torque and on long flats for more speed
    ~~Its fairly cheap, and SIMPLE!

    The negative:
    ~~Slippage in wet weather
    ~~Side mount motor means the bike will be heaver on the left side... prolly not that big of a deal

    GEBE system positives:
    ~~No slippage
    ~~Balanced motor on the back
    ~~Reliable system, with less potential for additional ware to the bike and a smooth ride

    GEBE system negatives
    ~~Need to upgrade rear spokes, esp with my size
    ~~No ability to switch from higher-torque/ higher-speed

    Has anyone used both? Which do you prefer? Should the ability to switch roller size appeal to me as much as it seems to? THANKS for the replies!!!
  12. Happy Valley

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    Gebe does have gearing options.

    Also, Dimension Edge is the only FD set-up I know of that has spindles that swap out on the road. All others require a lengthy dismounting of the drive from the motor IE you're not gonna be swapping rollers on a whim.

    The thing I don't care for in the DE mount is no twin bearings to carry the load. I'm a satisfied Staton user. :lol:

    BTW, the "sidemount" thing is a non-issue, don't even notice it underway. You will want to pay heed when parked though.
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  13. Mountainman

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    hi bigkat

    with your facts stated --

    regarding engine size -- you wish to stay under 49cc
    stay as close to that as you can -- in the 40s ?

    you mention 30 mph top speed -- due to the weight of yourself and MB
    you might wish to shoot for something more like 20 to 25 mph
    using a very low gear ratio
    this will be of much help for you on start ups and hills

    always makes it much fun when you Ride That Thing bigkat ---------- MM
  14. bigkat650

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    Okay I think i'm getting a good idea on where to start... I think i'm going to do a friction drive set-up, with one of two motors... Either the Dax Titan, or the 49cc two stroke for sale on bestbikeengine.com

    The RPM range for these two motors differs greatly- i.e. the titan is reported at 8550rpm VS the generic 49cc being reported at 6500. Due to this RPM range difference, should I get a slightly larger roller if I get the Titan? Or should I not let that factor dictate the roller I use...

    What I am thinking is:

    If I purchase the Dax Titan-- I use a 1inch roller.

    If I purchase the generic 49cc-- I use a 7/8inch roller.

    Again, I am not afraid to peddle assist at all, I'm looking for the a good mix of torque, and the ability to go 25mph if not a tad faster... Basically what I am looking for is when climbing steeper hills, I wont have to gear really high and stand up to peddle... I'd like to keep a moderate gearing (peddling) ratio, and remain seated without killing my legs, but I have no problem peddling consistantly while climbing a hill so long as i'm not killing myself doing so. And yes, i'm a big guy... but don't take that as i'm completely out of shape, I can get-er-done most of the time lol-- and I do handle myself very well given my size
  15. Mountainman

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    regarding #1 and #1b
    I think that you are right where you should be regarding roller sizes

    regarding #2
    no no please don't get me wrong here
    most MB riders either small or big guys
    are known to be able to handle themselfs
    it takes more than a little something just to want to

    ride that thing ---------- MM
  16. Happy Valley

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  17. Mountainman

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    some VERY GOOD ADVICE given there

    not sure how much more a TRUE MITSUBISHI cost -- but -- well worth it !

    makes it better when we wish to ride that thing Mountainman
  18. bigkat650

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    They have a VERY similar 49cc 4 stroke motor to the Dax Titan on there... Looks identical minus what looks like the spark-plug wire. The RPM range is lower then the dax titan.

    Is this a clone? or is this the same motor with a different logo?
  19. MotorMac

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    Im 300 lbs and I love my H.T motor. It scoots me me to work and home no problems. it took me a couple weeks to work out the bugs but NOW!! I love it works great!:grin:
  20. Youngbird

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    Me too....I check in at 6'00 and 275. My advice....LOW center of grivity. That means inframe mounting and a grubee gear box hooked to a honda GHX50 or a Titan from Thatsdax. Thats my move....and then a shift kit and an internally geared rear hub, once the kits come on the market(spring....right Ghost?Pablo?)