ok to kill my motor this way?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by masterx1234, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. masterx1234

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    hey guys my kill switch doesnt work and i dont want to go through all the trouble of putting another one on it, so the way ive been stopping my engine is to just remove the ignition coil from the spark plug and it seems to be doing ok, so what im asking is will i tear it up stopping it this way?

  2. asfazrq

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    better to use a kill switch, it's only a few dollars and takes around half an hour for the installation. you can also set the choke on the carb on it's upper most position to kill the engine. however, I would still recommend using a new kill switch as it's much more safer.
  3. tjs323626

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    No. In fact IMO it's just as good as using a kill switch. It works the same way, stops the power from reaching the plug. I'm thinking of installing a small switch in the circuit before the coil to replace the kill switch.

  4. GearNut

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    I use the choke method, like asfazrq suggested, or when completely stopped, I let the clutch out with the engine idling (hold the rear brake on). Either way will stop the engine.
    I see two problems with disconnecting the spark plug wire from the spark plug.
    1. Zapping the heck out of yourself.
    2. CDI ignitions are not very tolerant of having the high voltage generated inside them and no place for it to go. After the wire is removed, the engine will still spin until compression finally stops it. This can be 10 or so revolutions. Each revolution will generate high voltage inside the CDI and it will have nowhere to go. This will cause back feeding into the electronics and lead to internal insulation breakdown inside the CDI box
    and it will eventually fail.
    In short, it will work, but reduce the lifespan of the CDI box.
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  5. the42ndoffense

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    I did that very thing one time and got about ten strong jolts while still kind of in motion. Learn from my mistake, switches are cheap.
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  6. Al.Fisherman

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    As Gearnut said...let engine idle and engage the clutch, and turn off the gas. I wouldn't use the choke if stalling it out is a option.
  7. Molotov256

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    After crashing one MB, the integrated kill switch stopped working. I just cut off the wires coming from the throttle grip and wired a 2 position toggle switch between the CDI and engine wires. Works fine for me, and was a cheap and easy fix.
  8. Whizzerd

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    IMO Gearnut's right on his advice. However, a rocker switch and a couple nylon ties are cheap at auto or dept. store. The voltage amplifier in your CDI WILL fry if you keep pulling the wire off the plug while the engine's turning over. Using the choke to s/o is not at all wise on a 4 stroke as the extra gas will dilute the oil film on cylinder wall, etc.. On a 2 stroke might just leave your plug wet but shouldn't damage the engine.
  9. Lazieboy

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    Kill it

    I sometimes when needing to stop quick @ intersection i'll jam on the breaks and the motor will stall out.I only do when needed and no time to lock in clutch and then hit breaks.