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    Hello all. Looking to put together a cruiser with a a four stroke. Want to leave the truck at home and ride to college about 5 miles away. Not so much interested in speed but engine reliability. Gas is high here in north orange county california area and looking for better way to cruise around.

    Just wanted to say hello. I have many questions so I will look for right area to post in.



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    If it DOES NOT rain alot where you live, and plan to ride, friction drive is inexpensive and easy to install on a bicycle.
    Get a kit from thats dax BMP, or staton with an engine of your choice.

    If it rains I recommend GEBE which uses a drive belt with the engine of your choice.

    If you have the money get a chain driven kit from staton.

    Just my two cents pick a reputable dealer.
    Like Thats dax ,BMP, staton Gebe.

    All of the above styles of motorizeed bicycle are rear rack mounted.
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    Welcome aboard.

    Spad4Me put it pretty well. About the only thing that I would add is that after you've done some reading around here, you'll have a pretty good idea of which engine and drive train you'll want.

    Have fun.