OMG 40 Mile ride today, and almost no problems.

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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I rode 10 miles to work, 10 miles at lunch, and then 20 miles after work. :grin:

    At lunch, flat tire. :???: I picked up a thorn, no big deal. 3 minutes and I was back on the road. :smile:

    The rest of the day was great! I got home and still had some 16:1 fuel mix left in the tank, about 1/3 left. :grin:

    Here is the big problem. This morning I added gas to my tank to fill it back up. I put the cap on it, and then I noticed something dripping. (it was fuel) :shock:

    So, I had to hop in the car and go to work. The fuel tank has to have a hole in it where it goes over the frame or something. :confused: I will take the tank off tonight and inspect it and I will keep you posted.

    I did not want to drive it with fuel leaking directly onto my coil pack. (I like my stuff and would like to keep it where it is.)


  2. pabickwermert

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  3. pabickwermert

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    Found the problem - oh my!

    OK, I found the problem. It looks like the tank was cracked before it was painted. :confused:

    You can see where my cable guides rubbed the tank, but it was not leaking there. Just above there the paint had chipped off and there was a crack under the paint that started leaking.

    So, it looks like a trip to the autoparts store today for some gas tank repair putty.

    Wish me luck with the tank repair.

    I will drill a hole at each end of the crack to stop it and then I will use the gas tank repair putty.

    By the way, I did order another tank for the rear of the bike. Here is a couple of links to that one.

    I plan on using both tanks if I can repair the teardrop tank.


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    So you removed the rear suspension? wow. good build though
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    OK, the tank repair worked out great and my new rear tank has arrived so I will now have 2 tanks for a total fuel cap of 1 gallon.

    No sooner than I topped 300 miles this morning, the muffler fell apart doing 30 and boy was it loud. It did not come off at the bolts, it broke off from the exhaust pipe. Go figure.

    I bungied it back on to finish getting to work. When break time came, I went out and took the muffler off and re-welded it in our maintenance shop.

    At lunch time, I rode all over town and it worked fine.

    As for the rear suspension, yes, I had to remove it so I would have a place to put the motor.

    The good part about removing the shock was one of the members here bought it from me so they could make a streched out bike with a rear suspension.

    I will get more pictures later on today after I get home.

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    The build looks good and that you are riding it a lot is great. That is some persistence in solving problems as they come up that you are showing. I am the one that bought the shock and will use it in a rear suspension for a stretched frame. I have not gotten far yet with the build. Next week I get going serious like.
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    Hey Lenny,

    I could not remember your name for the life of me when I was at work answering that last post.

    I am glad you saw the post and chimed in. :grin:

    Yea, I had had a few problems. 2 flats, working on lights (leds) for the back. Brake lights, blinkers, and running lights.

    I made a great headlight. I modified a standard bike light by taking out the krypton bulb, and I replaced it with a 3-cell mag light led. (MAN THIS THING IS BRIGHT!)

    It lights up my lane 30-40 feet in front of the bike and it has a overcast that lights up close with a dimmer light so you can see the sides of the road with ease.

    I will let you know how it works out long term. Whe I rode with it the other night (out on the country roads) a oncomming car dimmed his brights because they was able to see me from a long distance. :grin:

    As soon as my led blinker comes in I will know how the rest works out for the other lights.

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    How is the comfort of the mongoose, i've got the same bike and for longer rides(no motor) reaching over can be tiresome. btw, so you cut at the weld points the remove the shocks right. I'm just going to use a different bike.

    Oh yeah, i took off those knobby tires and put on some $10 slick tires from wal-mart and the bike handles 100% better, believe it. I can lean with confidence now and feel the tire load up in the turns. Much smoother ride now, best mod so far. I'm not even going the speeds you are with the motor, so it would be great for the higher speeds you see on yours.

    Have fun
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  9. pabickwermert

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    I like mine too!

    So far the comfort level is ok, but I did get a 4.5 inch riser for the handle bars.

    It made the ride much more comfortable.

    As for the tires, I went to a combo kevlar police tire. Road tire in the middle and knobby tire on the edges. It says police on it so that might detur someone from steeling the bike. :grin:

    The police marking on the tire also is a built in reflective strip.,-40-65psi,-Tire&category=tire-26_inch

    They have it in not kevlar-police issue also.

    With the smooth center is rolls much easier (getting up to speed faster) but if I need the traction it is there for me.

    I need to get some more pictures taken and posted soon. :rolleyes:

  10. Be careful running both tanks simultaneously. I ran the same configuration for a month, and one day all the fuel in the front tank tried to go to the rear tank. Yes, the petcock on the rear tank was closed, yet it still happened. You might want to run an additional valve where you spit the fuel lines between the tanks so that doesn't happen to you. Gas+oil on rear tire = bad.

    The rear tank is also much more susceptible to leaking due to it being over the rear wheel, where it will be jostled by bumps. It's nowhere near as easy to keep clean as the teardrop tank, either. I took mine off and run a Topeak Explorer rack with dual Wald side-fold baskets instead.