Original Whizzer


Local time
7:04 PM
Aug 14, 2022
New Hampshire
So I have an opprotunity to purchase an original whizzer, I'm really interested in it, but I want to know if theres anything I should know before purchasing, I have a 99 WC-1 so I sort of familier withe engine style, if I need parts are they easily available since Paul's passing (RIP), he was the only one I knew of that had parts besides ebay but thats always a gamble. Any advice is very much apperciated
This one will need a lot of TLC Schwinn straight bar frames are hard to fit whizzer motors with the low fin heads. He's already using a small Sting ray chainring for more clearance, wald chain gaurd. You really need to know what your doing with these one.
I didn't end up purchasing it, too many red flags from the seller, think it was a scam