What Whizzer (Taiwan) engine do I have?

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    I bought a grab bag of Whizzer parts last week off ebay. Included was this engine; the description said the seller got it at an estate auction and they only thing they knew about it is that the bottom end is used and the top end is new.

    Is there a database of serial numbers I can use to figure out what kind of engine this is (WC-1 or NE5 or other)?

    Any experts here can chime in with their opinions. It seems to be pretty well built from the outside. Note the two hose barbs; one tapped into the compression release plate and the other tapped into the engine case. I assume these are for crankcase venting.



    I know that head is not well liked due to thermal issues. Can I just replace it with an NE5 or WC-1 head? i.e. is the bolt pattern the same between the two? Can I use a head like this one?

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