P85 still won’t fire

This is probably correct since bicycle-engines.com also has an ebay site as well as an Amazon Partner site....If you call them on the phone direct and speak to "Molly" she will be able to pull that info right up for you.

Here is their phone number:
(406) 586-5970
Their shipping out a whole new ignition system CDI magneto spark plug I’ve checked For spark and couldn’t get anything
I’ve changed the carb out back to the bofang using nt velocity stack (it’s there for an air filter and nothing mor) and a sock over it. I’ve checked the seals, tightened down the carb and reed valve and anything else might be wrong at this point I am not quite sure other than it might be electrical at this point time to steal parts off old motors to see if it’ll run
My grandpa did some research on his own time and he figured out how to use his electrometer to test them this is what he came up with
“ I just tested your magneto and according to the video i just watched it’s supposed to be between 327 and 345 ohms and yours is reading 317 ohms so if this video is correct the magneto is bad and the CDI is supposed to get between 6 to 11 ohms and yours is getting 6 so that’s good
I also tested the kill switch and it’s good
I also tested your plug wire and it’s good”
That’s on the the old ignition system from my previous motor, I asked him to test the stuff that came with the kit this is what he said for the magneto “I’m only reading 3 ohms and I’m setting my multimeter to to 200k ohms because that’s what the video I watched said to put it at” I have no clue if he did it properly but I believe him but he didn’t give anything for the cdi although he might of had them mixed up I wasn’t there so I don’t know how to use the meter to test the components