painting motor black



would painting the motor black, make it run any cooler? Grubee motors are black, and the tin shrouds around a vw motor are black to disperse heat. and also how does one losen and tighten the nut holding the drive sprocket without tuning the motor over? Thanks



I don't know the details but I have read a debate suported with articles on one of the Whizzer boards that paint, especialy black, helps cool your engine. There are heat resistant paints that work fine and won't burn off of your engine. My Spitfire 48 came from them black and I have roughly 1000 miles on it without any heat problems...Kelly


i painted mine black using a high temp ceramic paint that is made to paint engines. seems to work fine.


I don't know about the whole heat dispersion part of it, but I've heard of plenty of people using rattle can hi-temp grill paint on exhausts and heads and such.
Noone has answered your second question yet so I'll take a swing, try stuffing something (rope may work) in the spark plug hole so the piston can't reach TDC. Not quite the best technique, but may work. They also sell piston stops. I know there is a better answer out there than this however.


I used flat black rattle can engine paint first and it wrinkled when gas got on it. I stripped it and started over with John Deere Blitz Black enamel and haven't had any problems at all. I used their activator in the paint and it's not affected by oil or gas at all. The paint is only about $6/qt and I used a cheap ebay touchup gun to spray it.



That looks very nice, I like the finish.
To elaborate on my rope technique, use something that won't leave bits in the cylinder, like nylon; then just feed some through so as to coil it inside.


I usually use a piece of rag or even paper towel in the gears to lock it up. Le Sabotage (throwing a boot into the machinery). I did a small amount of reading on the subject of paint color and heat dispersion and came up with a conclusion that color had little or no effect, so a white engine and a black engine would be basically the same. I was attempting to accomplish a flourescent green glow from behind the grille of a 63 Cadillac in 1985 without running afoul of the law, as my first attempt using two light boxes and colored filter lens was perfect in effect but illegal in practice. But a white to amber light was allowed on the front of a vehicle, so if it then was projected onto a flourecent green paint on the radiator then I thought I might have a legal standing but the police had a different interpretation, so it all went back to flat black. Just an idea a few years ahead of its time.
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