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  1. Hey there everyone, came across this forum while looking for answers as to why my project bike wouldnt start. figured id share :) so this is it, pacific coast choppers pedal bike with what im told is a 48c.c two stroke skyhawk. not nearly done as i have lots of plans for it but right now my main concern is getting her running the way she should be. i havbe my friends carb off his 66c.c motor on it as the smaller carb i got with the second hand motor wouldnt run the motor(im assuming because the intake sizes didnt match up with the head. doesnt have much of an exhaust right now so the sound matches the style of the bike :)
    questions or feedback? WP_20150125_003[1].jpg WP_20150214_001[1].jpg WP_20150214_002[1].jpg WP_20150214_004[1].jpg WP_20150214_007[1].jpg

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    That gas tank is badass!
  3. lol thanks. i think its off a baha mini bike but i took it off my 3 wheeler
  4. wow a week and one post
  5. got an update for yall.
    so its been a troubling couple weeks for the chopper, while i was rigging up my motor mounts my buddy(works on 4 stroke 4-wheelers) decided he was going to take the head off of my motor. ok well thats all good and fine but then when he is putting it back together he broke one of my piston rings in half :( what a bummer that was. after about a week of looking around at new kits or maybe a replacement engine i found a used motor right downstairs from my apartment for 50$. my thinking was for 50 bux i could either run the new motor or fix mine. i decided on running the new motor. and by new i dont mean in terms of age. this is one of those round head 48cc skyhawks from a few years ago. mounted it up without a problem, got my chain alignment set right, tension and all that jazz, decided to give it a kick with the plug against the head to see if i had spark, no spark. i knew my cdi was still working because it ran my other motor prior to the ring getting broken so i figured it was the magneto coil so i took the one from the other motor, got spark, awesome. put everything back together went to go up the road and see what happened and the g-dang nipple on the petcock snapped right off. like wtf really, one thing after another. thankfully my buddy up the road had a spare tank(one of the small half egg ones) he let me have so i strapped that on. so now its all together and ready to roll but now its 4-stroking. almost all the time. starts no problem but struggles to get going down the road, if you pedal fast enough sometimes she will catch and shell 2-stroke for a bit but no matter how much or how little you play with the throttle she goes back to 4 stroking oh and when you hit a bump she kind of dies for like 2 feet..,. messed around on a hill too just to get a better idea. same thing, almost wanted to die out unless i pulled the clutch every once in a while to get the rpm back up. replaced the plug with a used spare i had laying around(gonna pick up another pack of ngks tomorrow and it didnt do any better, im not totally sure on what my oil/gas ratio is but it was about 1/4-1/2 cup of oil for 4 litres of gas. motor has about 50 miles on it, plug wire came off my three wheeler so i know thats good, played with the needle height and decided on setting it on lean as my plug was coming out black and damp, now it comes out just black so i guess its getting closer to what i need. the nt carb was not the one i had running my other motor so im assuming the jet is too big and allowing too much fuel into the chamber. did i read that i might be able to bent the float tangs slightly to reduce this problem without getting another carb or a new set of jets? oh and is it possible that the nice loud pipe of an exhaust just isnt enough back pressure for the little motor?anyways thats my update, hope somebody can confirm a few things :)
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  7. thanks jaguar, turns out my jet was barely screwed into the carb so when i dropped the bowl it came out with it. im assuming thats the problem , but i broke a motor mount stud so now i have to wait til my buddy comes over with his easyout to pull the broken stud before i can try and run it again
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    well its alive thanks to all the info on this forum, me carb needle appears to be longer than the one in my buddies carb so i figure thats why she wont wind out like she should, running alot better since adjusting the float tangs, get her up to a good speed pedalling and shell do the rest, thanks jag, as soon as i find me a shorter needle im sure she will work mint :)
  10. its been a little while but i have an update. after my chain jumped off and jammed in the motor she hasnt wanted to run, tried adding my 66 with a new(used) ring to replace the broken one and still nothing. brought my bike up to my buddies house, all my parts work on his motor perfectly, his parts(that run his motor daily) cant run mine, iv assumed its the magnet in the coil not being as strong as it should be a no matter what i do my bike throws a white spark not the nice bright blue that shows its working right. soo.... my buddy is gonna sell me the motor and kit directly off of his cruiser, think he said its a 66 skyhawk 2a or something like that. hopefully ill have her back on the road tomorrow :). nothing but bad luck on this build lol