Pedal Across America 2/3

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    Hello, fellow cyclists. I am planning a tour ride by motorized bicycle on 6-25-11. So far, the ride is planned to be from south west Michigan (Andrews Univerisity, Berrien Springs roughly), to Redlands, CA (about 2300 miles) (Riverside/Loma Linda, CA roughly). I am planning on it taking 15 to 16 days at an average of 150miles per day. I have not actually done this (many miles per day) yet so I am guesstimating what I am capable of. I am not real organized or the best organizer, or good at planning events, or communicating, or with social adeptness, however this is a bucket list item of conquest, and I wish to complete it this summer (2011), and would enjoy the company (or expertise) of another rider-anyone willing and able. So please contact/message/email me if you are willing and able to ride any of it. I may be able to implement GPS tracking into the ride in the form of APRS, so that I could be located via computer and internet access. I need tips if there are other satellite tracking or beacon methods. So far this is a one-way biking trip. Personally, I plan on taking the San Bernidino Amtrack back around July 21 and having my bike shipped (shipped on land, oxy-moron?) back to my home via my frined who lives in Redlands. Hopefully the one-way train trip won't cost any more than the $250 shown now. Hopefully there won't be any more earth-quakes, wars, rumors of wars, pestilence, floods, famine, distress of nations, etc... I have yet to purchase a solar panel (pref. with battery as charging system) and I'm still working on designing a charging/lighting circuit for my bicycle. I also need to purchase and install a rack & panniers on my bike and install my fenders. I plan on getting a pepper spray bottle for safety. I will be camping at night. I am vegitarian and vegan, so eating is always difficult and I don't like to cook that much but will be bringing the hiking stove regardless. Probably the biggest catch to participating either partially or entirely in this tour would be having enough free time and having a good long distance motorizied bicycle. If you have any tips, advice, or suggestions, please feel free to tell me. Thanks.

    a r i c s t r e e t @hotmail.c o m without the spaces