Phantom 85 gasket


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May 30, 2023
I purchased a Phantom 85 and it had two gaskets for the cylinder. I took one off. Do I need both or will one work?
Not true at all
And why not???...If you say it, be prepared to back it up with a logical reason.
To my knowledge, @mirman in Florida, who asked the initial question is still running fine 3 months after posting this.

Ps...Just for future referrence, this is not a very good way for you, a brand new member with his very first post, to make a positive impression to one and all on this forum, especially when you "call out" one of our members, @Chainlube, who has many, many, more years of experience building motors than you have of breathing air on this earth...Just saying.
It’s official guys, my p85 sprung a leak already, the gasket under the jug is leaking, not even 20 miles on the motor.
I made a gasket with some fel-pro material to bring down my squish gap, it wasn't very difficult, you could probably do the same