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  1. shawnshank

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    I've been trying to sort through the tons of information on this website but I am not having any luck finding info about engine types, speed and reliability despite numerous searches.
    Can anyone send me a link to the thread where I can find this info?


  2. stude13

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    hi ss; search--2stroke-4stroke-speed. its not hard, but reading is required. we have people ask things like how to air tires, do i need a gas cap. we are happy to help. welcome
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    When I first signed up I had trouble searching also. Someone (I should credit him, but I don't remember who.) suggested:

    Hit the "search" icon. At the bottom of the drop down menu there's an "advanced search" feature. This will open up a new screen where you can make your search a bit more specific.

    It helped me a lot. You still have to look a bit to find what you want. But at least it's not overwhelming.
  4. shawnshank

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    Well can you help me out then? I know I want a 2 stroke and 80cc (I realize they are not truly 80cc) but I have no idea who to buy from or if there are differences in the different types of engines available (they all look the same to me)
  5. stude13

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    we have sponsor sites on the left side of this page
  6. shawnshank

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    Why is everyone so adverse to giving advice about which engine to buy?
  7. it's a personal thing

    I think that which type of engine you buy is pretty personal. For me I won't buy a 2 stroke because I believe them to be polluters, so a 4 stroke is for me. Also there are a lot of options for where you mount your engine- in the frame or rack mount.

    Also everyone has their personal feelings on each of these.

    for 2 stroke info go here
    for 4 stroke here

    frame mount
    rack mount

    As for who to buy from, there are a lot of vendors. You can check ebay, stay away from revolution Cycles though. I made the choice to buy an engine and work my way out from there. I'm buying the parts as I have time and money. I got my bike and engine off craigslist but I'll be buying my sprockets from

    I like livefastmotors because they have items specifically designed for the schwinn stingray, but that's me. Again to each their own.

    I have to agree with bluegoatwoods that the search feature is a little wonky on here.

    try these search terms
    HT 80cc speed

    HT is short for Happy Time- that's what a lot of people call the little 2 strokers another thing they call them is chengine try searching that term as well see what you get! I was pretty confused about the different terminology when I first started surfing this site!
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  8. shawnshank

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    See thats all I need. Thank you for your help.
  9. duivendyk

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    Not all 2 strokes pollute,the Mitsubishi TLE 43,and the Tanakas are California compliant,that means they're pretty good in that department.The Chinese HT engines are probably quite putrid,there is a recent cautionary post by someone who has struggled with them for years as to what needs to be done to these kits too make them less unreliable.But they are inexpensive which counts for a lot if you're not exactly rolling in money,however remember this : You won't get what you're unwilling to pay for.Take your pick.
  10. shawnshank

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    Thanks for the helpful info. Do you know where I can purchase a Mitsubishi TLE 43?
  11. google

    Man, I googled the engine type and found a short list of suppliers.
    :arrow:Try google.
  12. Zev0

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    Just for your info, be advised that just about anything that is above 48cc is illegal is almost any state. I know, that's a pretty broad statement, but the majority of states that allow Motorized bicycles have a limit on the size of the engine. 48cc or below is pretty standard.
  13. Chuck

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    2 Cycle engine choice

    Personally I like the 2 stroke for its small size and in frame mounting, it just looks so much cooler then a trunk mount. Plus anything getting over 100MPG can hardly be considered a polluter.
    I followed the advice I found on this web site and the ONLY thing I have had to do to mine is adjust the throttle cable after it first starting, (100 + miles on engine so far), and adjust chain tension once.
  14. duivendyk

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    I got mine from Viza motors in Scottsdale AZ,they have a website.Sometimes they quote prices without a gas tank,Staton also sells them and I'm sure there are others.