Pocket Bike Carby

19mm is awful large. I did a 18mm and had quite a time getting the jetting air/fuel right..
I did a mikuni, but you might search delorto and find some pocketbike carbs members have been able to adapt. One thing I would look for that the carb you have listed doesnt have is a clamp mount, it is a spigot mount, and you wont be able to use the rubber manifold because of the mounting pattern...

Yes that would work. I got a used carb from a 80cc yamaha dirtbike, but if ya got the money that is the same carb, just new. The hose coming off the bottom is just a overflow hose. If you do go with that carb then the info on my thread should give you a good starting point for jetting, depending on where you live.....
Hmm, I'd have to know 100% that it will make a difference. I'd like a smoother ride, and a bit more torque. How much of an improvement will this make over the stock carb?
I would think it would give you a smoother ride looking at the stock carb. I dont know about the rest, I have a tuned pipe, matched and smoothed ports, and it makes a LARGE difference for my engine. If you want to flow more air with a larger carb you need to make sure you can get rid of the exhaust in a efficient manner.
Larger carbs will make more horsepower ... IF ... the original carb wasn't big enough to flow as much air as the motor wanted.

Air flows faster through smaller spaces, so if the carb is too big, then the airflow won't be fast enough over the jets for good fuel mixing. Especialy at low RPM where you want the torque. If its torque off the line you want, you might look at going to a smaller carb, or improving the intake manifold, reeds, and exaust flow while keeping the carb you have.