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  1. llopart

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    Hi everybody,

    Yesterday I saw a bike with an engine in Bondi Junction. This has been my dream for years. 5 minutes later, I was googling, checking if I could do the same.

    I was about to order a zbox engine, but before that, I'd like to know about Police issues, anyone who had a good or bad experience with the police in Sydney?

    I know it's illegal, police knows it too, but...do they try to bust you or just pass away? I ride my bike everyday, I know one day police will stop me, it's just a matter of time. So I would like to know when that happens, I will be in trouble or not....

    Thanks a lot!

  2. fetor56

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    Don't ride like a lunatic & u should be cool....i've never been stopped yet but sometimes (when i'm feeling particularly paranoid) i pedal when i see Mr Police.
  3. will_start

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    hey llopart,
    Did you see my bike at Bondi Beach area, I was there last night, and Tuesday night as well ? I have Billabong and MB.com stickers on.

    I find I'm less paranoid at night, as figure the Engine's black and harder to see.
    I have been passed and seen by many Police cars, but have never been stopped.

    I ride from Sydney CBD to Bondi Area on a regular basis.

    I know someone here who was stopped and questioned in North Sydney,
    this person carrries a print out from the RTA, that states that Motored Bikes
    are Legal if they're under 200W, check it on the site. Also the details of
    the lower limit 35cc Zbox motor.
    I have started doing the same, so at least I'm prepared if it does happen !!

    I've recently bought an electric bike, but the petrol is on the blood now,
    so its going to be a tough decision in future for which bike wins lol.

    check out Lets Ride for our upcoming Sydney Gathering.
  4. llopart

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    hey will_start, so it was your bike? I saw it near bondi!

    Believe me, I ran to catch and ask thousand questions to the lucky owner of the bike, if it was you, you were lucky to go faster than me :)

    In Spain, riding that things is not possible. As soon as the "maderos" saw you, you are in great trouble. I see here maybe they're not so tough...so where will you get this RTA print and "official-like" engine details? I can't sleep until I have the engine mounted on my bike! Also want it to go to work, from randwick to The Rocks. Not to do the monkey in the street...although in safe environments would be really great to do races and have fun!!!

    ****, I imagine a whole nation riding those things, no cars, no pollution, no traffic jams...why the fu*ck laws limit to 200W, don't they realize that is good for the whole traffic system?

    From now on this is my only and favourite forum.
    Enjoy your bike,you lucky guys!! Soon i'll do it too :)
  5. llopart

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    Maximum fines in NSW

    Hi all,

    By the time the engine arrives at home, I will be investigating about the legal implications and risks in NSW. So I will ask randomly some policement about what would they do if they saw a bike with a small engine, and observe their reactions, see if they know about the hp/power issues...and post it here.

    Also, the maximum fine for riding those vehicles in NSW.... If all goes really bad, you pay $472x3...if you don't pay it, you go to court and ruin yourself. Anyway, the website says $922, which is painful, but not deadly painful.

    I mean, it's better to avoid the problem, but if it happens, you get a 1000 fine. That is the law, all of us know that laws aren't applied strictly...and I want to speak to those who may apply the laws...mr police.

    And what about....ways of camouflage for the engine? In randwick, I saw someone riding uphill his bike (so fast) with something similar to a plastic box just on the top of the rear wheel....that box seemed to made a strange sound....but...I couldn't know if it was from that box or from another car ;)

    Have fun!!!

    From an official PDF (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/downloads/unregistered_risks.pdf)

    Driving an unregistered vehicle is also an offence,
    attracting on-the-spot infringement notice fines of at
    least $472 for unregistered, $472 for uninsured and
    $472 for unpaid motor vehicle tax. If the matter goes
    to court, the court may impose a fine of up to $2,200
    for driving unregistered, $5,500 for driving uninsured
    and $550 for unpaid motor vehicle tax.

    From their website (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/rego_unregistered.html):

    Driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle is also an offence attracting on the spot infringement notice fines of at least $922 ($461 for being unregistered and $461 for being uninsured). If the matter goes to court, the maximum fine is $2200 for driving unregistered and $5500 for driving uninsured.
  6. fatboy67

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    Under 50cc

    If it's under 50cc no reg is requiered.
    but 48cc is 1200 watts just over the 200 watt limit.
    Like others have said don't ride like a loony!!!! and most cops will leave you alone.
  7. loquin

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  8. will_start

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    catch you on the tar

    Hey llopart, hope your bike build goes well.

    email me if you need some help, its always good
    to see someone else's build.

    We are having a meet in mid June, so your bike would
    be in fine form by then.

    RE this bit:
    Its not luck, its a motor dude. :lol:
    It can go so easily uphill. I don't even have to pedal.
    I usually try to limit my motor to its top speed.
    I feel, Pushing it over that can harm the engine.:evil:

    Catch you on the tar. :cool:
  9. fredie

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    whats legal
  10. will_start

    will_start Member

    see above.
  11. fredie

    fredie Member

    whats legal in australia
  12. fredie

    fredie Member

    did you see him aswell:cool:
  13. llopart

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    Hi will_start,

    a couple of days ago I saw your billabong black bike chained to a traffic signal near eastgate in bondi junction. I stopped for a while to observe the machine and maybe see you...if you ever see a apple logo on the tank, that's mine lol

    By now I already have my bike, have done about 100 km and I saw a few interesting things on your bike

    some questions...

    how did you bend the exhaust?? I found it terribly difficult!

    I read your posts and seems that you know a lot about head bolts tightening. I have severe problems with that...I think I overtightened one and now I am looking for better bolts. Do you know any shop nearby?

    tonight i am gonna try to repair that. Oil escapes between the head and the body of the engine because the bolts don't press enough the head... so I bought an aviation-form-a- gasket sealant liquid

    See you someday
  14. fredie

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    yes the cops can get you for unlicenced. or canceled . or disqualified. or suspended. and alot more . is it worth it:shock:
  15. fatboy67

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    Yes they are over the 200watts. But they are under 50cc. Under 50cc doen't have to be regoed. Are you a cop???? Sounds like it!
  16. llopart

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    hahahah not really...by the time I wrote this, I didn't have the engine yet, and at first was worried about the legality in Sydney. Now, I don't care anymore!! Cops pass by...and I am the happiest rider on the road :grin:

    every week I add new improvements. next month I'll post some pics

    have fun mates!
  17. fredie

    fredie Member

    what kit did u use
  18. llopart

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    zbox 66cc (F80)...what about u?
  19. will_start

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    hey llopart,

    You were lucky to see my bike at East Gate Bondi, I was only there for 1 hour.

    PM me and we'll see if we can get together to help with your bike.
    One thing I know in life, what you give out, you get back.
  20. fredie

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    the law states that it must be under 200watts . 50cc 102cc 55567cc 30cc . what ever cc you have. it must be under 200watts . i would love too have 80cc petrol motor . but i am a suspened driver . so if cops can get me on grey area .they would .i would be taking a risk . its something i dont want too do . it would be jail time for me .fines . court :-x ok ok how many watts from a 50cc petrol motor??? i read some where that a petrol engine must be no more than 1.5 hp ??? you can see its a grey area . even im confused:confused: