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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by nopedlenhere, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. nopedlenhere

    nopedlenhere Guest

    I know everyone has a opinion..so here goes..In the world of very small motors is there a motor that seems to stand out in performace and duriblity..like the small block chevy is to car buffs.Small cheap and practical..This also needs a good clutch and drive system..needs enough power to pull a 250lb guy around town with ease..starting to look at bikes. thanks for any input.....bill :grin:

  2. Alot of people here seem to like the rack mounts for durability and "hands off" operation....
    Center mounts (like Dax 70) require more tinkering to keep going but I like the center mount
    because of looks and balance....I use the Dax 70 and have not had any real issues with it.
    I am not sure of the Dax is the same as the Chevy 350 But I like it.
  3. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    hey billy! wavy here. ok heres the deal with the forum , all the answers are here & then some!check out the differnt sections of the forum & try to post your questions in the proper area for the most help in the area in question! & then read read read !! you will find anything youll ever want to know! there are a lot of options for running gear , pm me for any pointers or advise, or just plain b.s.n !!! & always send lots of pics of your build & such! rock on billy good to see ya here!
  4. noah

    noah Guest


    Reliability and longevity are to be found in "high end" engines like tanaka and
    honda etc... more money for sure but you get what you pay for. Have you
    checked staton's website yet?:cool:
  5. reliability and longevity, in addition lots of availble HP

    Hi, do not overlook the Whizzer, even to there is very little mention of them here, I'll put my Whizzers up against any motorbicycle, period, in addition, Whizzers have built in alternators, no more "what bicycle lights are the best".

    If I can answer any questions for you, ask away.

  6. kerf

    kerf Guest

    I did a great deal of research before my first purchase and decided to go with a rack mount from Staton. I have very little knowledge of frame mounts but the Mitsubishi TLE43 with the friction drive or chain drive is a good choice. This engine is the quietest I've ever seen and very reliable with almost no maintenance. The friction drive is light and simple but will slip when wet. Other than that, it's great.
  7. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    Seems any of the Japanese, 2 and 4 stroke engines are good. I am a fan of the Tecumseh 49cc 2 stroke. The Happy Time engines are hit an miss. Seems some have good luck with them and others dont. The new 4 strokes have not been around long enough. The drive system comes down to a preference. I am 270 and have a Demenstion Edge friction drive which I am pleased with. It has its drawbacks like every friction drive. But the system is simple. The Staton and Golden Eagle are the domestic manufactured chan (Staton) and belt (GEBE). The Happy Time is the 2 stroke frame mount chain drive system. And there is a new genre of 4 stroke frame (Grubee) and Dax's new rack mount chinamade4strokehappytime chain drive starting to coming out, Mike Simpson's Whizzer is another option. It is based on the 1950's Whizzer engine and drive. While a motorized bicyclle, the engine displacement exceed 50 cc which may or may not cause legal difficulties. All are capable of hauling you around at speeds which result in serious injury if your meet a new and improved idiot. Or attempt to modify the laws of physics.
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  8. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Hey Bill,

    JMO, imagine yourself in the 1950's. The flathead fords,GMC-6's, Hudsons and hemi's are the popular mills. The 265-283's are the upstarts, and breaking all the speed and endurance records.

    Fast forward to the present. Frame-mounted chinese engines and rack-mounted motors are popular. Not many people are hopping them up, because of info and parts availability. Many enthusiasts are simply not interested in hotrodding, and choose to run stock engines.

    Enter the 47cc pocket bike engine. With reed induction, breathing is superior to other generic engines, and promises great potential. This engine is smaller in dimension and lighter than most powerplants. In stock form and geared for 11,000rpm, this high-revving pb engine would probably spank most engines. Performance parts are readily available to double its hp at relatively inexpensive cost.

    With this much excess power at such high rpm, safety and reliability is undoubtably compromised.

    Ya make your choices.

    One can compare the 47cc reed-inducted pb engine to the 265-283-327-350 engines of yesterday. One of its unproven feature is its dependability, and whether it will withstand gross owner abuse.

    One may also compare the higher-winding, more powerful ITALIAN engines with the modern-day LT1,LT4, C4 and other exotic SBC engines.

    I have 2 projects involving pocket bike engines. One is a 47cc engine with big bore, high-perf reed kit, DELLORTO carb, timing key, ADA S1 tuned pipe. It will be mounted onto a 1976 SCHWINN HEAVY DUTI cruiser bike with STATON gear chain drive.

    A stock POLINI 4.2hp with tuned pipe goes onto my SCHWINN SKYLINER comfort bike, with my project "RODGER Box" gear-reduction and 7-speed cassette.

    No pics available at this point. I might post when my projects are completed.

  9. DougC

    DougC Guest

    It's the generic Chinese motors that have "issues" when new. These engines cost only $75-$100.

    The name-brand engines (Honda, Tanaka, Robin-Subaru, ect) generally have zero issues and last a long time with nothing more than regular maintenance. These engines cost ~$200-$250+.

    The Whizzer is durable as well, but that's not real surprising because it's considerably larger than most other engines used, too. The restrictor plae means you're basically paying for a 5HP engine and then never running it harder than perhaps 2 HP. Many places have laws that specify displacements of <50cc or even <35cc--and the Whizzer is way over 50.