Power King 80 reed valves?

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    Hey all, I've been searching but i have yet to find if anyone has done a successful reed valve install on one of these little critters.

    I want to do mine as i'll need to when i really open up the ports and make it breathe. I've got the exahust dumping freely, port enlarged, shaped, matched, about 6" long header into a stock muffler can with the guts out. I opened up the entire intake tract and fabbed a resonator box that should be pretty close to my actual displacement, judging by how well it pulls at anything above the low rpm range. I'm adding an adjuster bolt this week as a way to fine tune the intake displacement as i make small changes to the compression, porting, and headwork. I plan on drastically widening out all the ports and massaging everything down to as smooth as i can make it.

    What reed valves would be good for this app? Can you recommend some sources for such?

    Widening out my intake port to fit a small assembly isn't too big of a deal, i could always move the studs or just go around the studs and get as much flow as i need. I'll open up the whole side of the jug if i need to. Same with the exhaust, i can fab up a monster exhaust collar to mate to a massive port if it'll help.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and yeah, i don't really care about anything but performance on this one, if it lasts for 10 hours but gives me 9000 rpm i'll be happy to build another one when it blows.

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    haha ... at least you won't be wondering why it blew up!! haha

    If 9000 rpms doesn't kill it, the vibration will. (this thing will shake the fillings out of your teeth!! :smilielol5: )
    video tape it, for us...if possible! :devilish:

    have you seen the crankshaft in these engines?

    think 'balancing'.....


    have fun & keep us posted!!
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