Pretty sweet motor.. 58cc though? Are they sure?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Oddzball, May 20, 2011.

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    from the looks of the picture it kinda looks like a 66cc. It looks solid thou. Better looking then most kits.
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    All Chrome Engine With Black Powder Coated Cylinder
    Push Button Clutch Handle With Brake Lever & Cable
    Dual Brake Lever Twist Throttle With Kill Switch & Cable
    Heavy Duty 415 Chain
    Ball Bearing Chain Tensioner
    Heavy Duty Axle Kit With Brake
    2 Sprockets: 50 Tooth (Power) 44 Tooth (Speed)

    some nice extras. Not sure if it justifies the extra price but 229 isnt bad for all that.
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    Great extras. Wish mine came with a HD axle kit, two different size sprockets and dual brake levers.

    Very nice.
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    I just mounted it on this bike. Ive owned other HT's and I was rather amazed of the quality of this motor. The throttle was already attached to the carb. The head bolts were torqued correctly with lock washers. Chrome and head powdercoat were clean and not pitted. Gas tank was wrapped and inside was spotless. Carb had a shutoff at the bowl. Upgraded clutch arm. Sprockets finishes were beautiful. Everything was packaged tight in the box.

    As far as the CC's go your guess is as good as mine. I'm not tearing it down fully unless I have to. I haven't started it yet too early to tell you how it runs. I did have the head off and spun the spark plug hole around and the cylinder was chromed as advertised. "All in all" I was surprised. All aspects of the kit was upgraded. I do remember though... it is a HT. lol If you need the axle kit and extra sprockets it may be worth the extra money.


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    +1 what O said...

    ...but I don't like the chrome plating... holds in heat and I'd prefer to go stealth as possible.
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    WOw you even gonna be able to turn that beast with a HT motor?
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    lol, sure... all about the gearing. I weigh 215, bike weighs 132, 347 lbs total. I know a guy who weighs 335 with a 45 lb bike who cruises around with no problems. Also when you get these big tires rolling they don't like to stop.

    Back on topic... I also like the upgraded clutch lever and throttle with the brake levers built in.
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    I've got a 58cc cylinder/head/piston that I used to replace the 48cc I had.
    Here's the port timing specs on it:
    117*ATDC exhaust (29.9mm down), 134* transfers (34.1mm avg), 17* blowdown, 62* intake (58mm), .6mm deck, 45.6mm piston length
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    Two stroke Tuners

    Thanks for the presentation of the old Gordon Jenning's Two Stroke Tuner's Handbook and the MicroCar Project info, Jaguar.

    I had bought that book way back when I was off-roading with a DT-1.
    Should probably get another copy for use on these china engines.

    I'm looking for the best 20-30mph I can get from this project. More speed and noise would only draw unnecessary and unwanted attention.
    Must learn to build a long, quiet pipe with a broad powerband.
    First mod will be a longer intake tract, probably because it's easiest.
    Has anyone compared them to boost bottles?

    Suppose it might be better to start another thread or PM, than hopping on this thread???