Project 2 By NukiMoto

Hello again.
So after building my last project Nuki, the moped illness stuck with me(although owning two motorcycles) .
I think Nuki is resting now, if i find nice place i will hang it on wall as art.

What i'm yapping about:

So while riding with other motored bicycle and motorcycles many build ideas has been generated and sketched.

I think i will start with hardest one :
Idea is inspired form honda cub style mopeds, but building & designing it on 26'' wheels
This is 3D sketch of my new project for summer.


Haven't come up with nice gas tank idea yet.
Because of money is tight now (what a surprise) i will have to use 80cc ''classic'' motor for now.
On picture the frame tube is 40mm, maybe it will be weak for that type of build, have to experiment with wall thickness and stuff .
Don't know about softness of the ride right now. For easier build i will make first one without any suspension. Maybe next one with right motor'n stuff will be soft&cushy.

I would really like to use :

1) Drum breaks (front & back)

2) Motor with gears (horizontal motor is basically only option ? And it has to be 50cc or at least look like 50cc or law is not on my side anymore)

3) As wide tires as possible

4) Brooks style leather saddle with adjustable seat height.

5) Hide everything so it would have as much ''naked'' look as possible.

I would like to have help from you guys. If anybody can recommend :
Good place i can find :

Triple trees for fork.

Good 50-80cc motor with gears and everything that comes with that (wires, grips'n stuff)

Hubs with drum breaks front and back.

My moped illnes has developed so far that i'm dreaming of opening my own moped shop/garage someday, with my own design mopeds.

Best Wishes