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    I got a pull starter for my HT engine and have a problem. When I put it on and pulled the handle the string would not rewind. Hmmm, started taking the screws out of the housing and as soon as it was loose the string/rope rewound. Next I held the housing and pulled the handle. It didn't rewind. Loosened the housing it rewound.

    Would it hurt to put 2 layers of gasket on her? It seems that with 1 gasket the recoil part goes in too far. Just a hair too far though.


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    Did you take the washer off of the crank before installing the pull start?
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    You have to take the washer off, and relocate the coil wire somewhere.
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    Okay, I'll see what I can do with it. Thanks!

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    I have read to put wax on the rope keeps it from braking rewinding better
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    I will add though since you mentioned wax and rope which are things i actually know about! I hand sew and make whips, in both i use wax for the exact same reason. Friction damage. When you pull thread through fabric, crack a whip, or pull a crank cord through a housing the outer fibers of the cord are being slowly worn away as it rubs against something. If you wax said item then what gets worn away is the wax leaving the fibers beneath unaffected(in whips it also helps to keep dirt and sand from working in to the core). Best part is wax can be reapplied greatly extending the life of your cordage!

    So yeah, waxing helps to prevent breakage ^^
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    Do a Google search for

    "Pull-start, Pullstart, Pull Start, 80cc, 70cc, 66cc, 60cc, 48cc,"