Q-Matic drive for HF motor

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    Just a few comments concerning product Development.

    EZM purchased several HF 79 CC four-stroke motors to use for testing. The Q-matic is now offered as a "bolt-on" kit for the HF motor. The drive is tuned for the lower RPM motor and takes advantage of the torque curve.

    The 2-speed drive is completed and testing is almost done. We are currently shopping vendors to reduce the mfg. cost.

    We are currently producing the Q-Matic version #7. Version #7 includes slotted mounting holes [more primary belt options], upgraded bearing carriers, and push pin cover retainers. As always, all Q-Matic drives are 100% backwards compatible [all parts fit all versions of the drive].

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    Hi Lee

    I see you are moving right along with your drive systen. The Whizzer engine you built up is doing fine. You are a honest hard working fellow and hope all is well for you and your wife. We enjoyed the visit we had with you and your wife at Lynchburg,VA (the little dogs to).

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