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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    A few more of my collection. Green 1950 Schwinn Panther with "J" motor [first place Portland, IN 2005], Blue 1951 S4 with "300" motor [first place Paducah, KY 2005], 10 of my personal ridders, 1948 original [un restored] WZ/S4 with "H" motor [first place un-restored NC 2007]. I have more, but no photos yet.

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  2. uncle_punk13

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    Whoa...! Sweet collection...
  3. Quenton. If I paint your fence,paint your house and wax your floors will you say "Choose"?
  4. wavygravy

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    now theres some sweet old pedal whizzers! me likie!
  5. Egor

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    I wondered where all the Whizzer's went. Now that would be fun to pick from, lets see I think Ill take the ( Green one ) Have fun , Dave
  6. Toy Box

    Wow Q. That's quite a collection. He who dies with the most toys WINS!
  7. MoonKS

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    Cheers!! That is a wonderful collection!